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Transformers Birthday Party Ideas

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Those Robots in Disguise are taking us by storm and so many kids want to have a Transformers Birthday Party Theme. So let me show you some Transformers Party Supplies and Ideas available to help you out.

So lets get this party started with some great Custom Personalized Transformers Party Invitations.  Ebay I find is the best source to finding some great design choices.

The sellers allow you to customize the Transformer Invites with your own party information, some allow you to add your own photo and a lot of times you can print them out yourself for those  last minute party planners. So whether your little fan loves Bumblebee, Optimus Prime or any of the others you will find those designs.

You will also find other style choices available from Transformers VIP Pass Invitations to Transformers Ticket Style Invitations so you really have a lot of fun options. OH and of course they all can be customized.

When it comes to your Transformers Party Supplies you will find plenty out there available. You will find your Basic Transformers Party Supplies and those based on the Transformer Movies such as Revenge of the Fallen and now the New Dark of the Moon.

To save money when it comes to the Party Supplies you can buy minimal amounts of the commercial items and then fill in with solid colored items where you can. This will help keep the cost down. If your child has Transformer Toys – bring them out and use as part of your party decorations – Hang them or display them on the tables etc…

For your Transformer Party Games I found some great FREE Printable Transformer Party Games you can use Here – from Transformer Bingo, Transformer Memory Came, Transformer Clues and more. I also found some more great Transformer Party Game Ideas on the DTLK Discussion group.

There is also a Transformers Party Gamethat features Bumblebee and is played just like you would Pin the tail on the Donkey as you see pictured to the left. It is a Poster and comes with (8) stickers and (1) paper blindfold.

Of course you cannot pass on the 3D Transformers Pinataof Optimus Prime. I love this one and whether you fill it with candy or use it as part of your Party Decorations it is awesome !!!  I am not so sure why they have not made a 3D Bumblebee Pinata (he happens to be my personal favorite), but if I find one I will be sure to add it on here.

You can find other other Transformer Pinata designs here on EBay, but I still think the one of Optimus Prime is the best – just looks so cool doesn’t it?

Fill it up with small 100 Calorie Bagged Snacks, Small Transformer Toys and try to keep the Candy to a minimum.

When it comes time for cake you will also find a nice variety of Transformers Cake Toppers on the market – you just place these on top of your baked and frosted cakes. The same applies to the Transformer Edible Cake Images, but the difference being you can eat them and a lot of the time they can be personalized as well.

Of course if you are feeling creative you can create your own Transformer Birthday Cake using the Transformers Cake Pan which comes with decorating instructions. It takes one regular cake mix and is is 9 x 12 x 2 in. deep and made of Aluminum.

If you are all about Cupcakes like I am there are plenty of  Transformers Cupcake Toppers out there as well from Cupcake Rings to Edible Cupcake images. Of course you can top your cupcakes with some small Transformers Toys which would be a nice bonus to your party guests that can lick off the frosting and take them home !!

For your Transformers Party Favors you can obviously go with any of the Transfomers Party Favor Boxes that match your party supplies or get creative on your own. For me I love to send the kids home with useful items and I would recommend sending the kids home with one of the many Transformers Books. They have books available for all ages and reading levels. You can then add in some small toys too, but at least you are sending the kids home with a party favor you can feel good about. I also like to add in Fresh Baked Cookies and a Drink – this way they have a good read and a snack to go along with it.  You can even add in a Reusable Transformers Cup and place your Cookies in there. Have fun and be Creative !!!

Happy Party Planning and remember “It’s more than meets the eye”

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