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Tron Birthday Party Supplies

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Coming to theaters December 16th, 2010 is the New Disney Movie Tron Legacy and as always along with that comes kids wanting to have a Tron Birthday Party Theme. So I am going to help give you some ideas for the party and show you some Tron Party Supplies to help you put it altogether.

I think this movie will be a big hit among the boys with all the cool Light Cycles and the Cyber Universe they travel in. I have no doubt that Disney will amaze us with the special effects in this Movie and I cannot wait to see it myself.

While at this time the Official Tron Party Supplies are limited, I will show you some that are available to pull off this party theme with some extra touches of creativity.

I was very excited to find that Ebay Seller Macdesigns has put together a great variety of Tron Party Supplies. They offer Tron Ticket Style Invitations or Tron VIP Pass Invitations which can be both personalized with your Party Information. These are a great choice for this party whether you are bringing the kids to see the movie or having the party at home.

In addition to the Tron Invitations they also offer matching Thank You Cards, Scratch Off Ticket Games, Candy Bar Wrappers, Cupcake Toppers, Favor Bag Labels & Stickers. All of which can be personalized as well.

When it comes to your Paper Goods you can simply do a Solid Blue & Yellow Mix to bring out the glowing colors in the movie.

Then for your Tron Party Decorations I would hang up a few of the Tron Movie Posters around the party area. Not only are the inexpensive, but they also become a keepsake for the Birthday Child after the party. There are so many designs to choose from and you can find them starting at as low as $3.00 each.

Some must haves for this party is going to be Blue Glowing Items such as Necklaces, Straws, Cups, Glasses etc… If you are taking the kids to see the Movie give each one a Blue Glow Stick Necklace to wear. You can even hang up some Blue Christmas Lights or Robe Lighting all around the party area to bring in the whole effect.

Another great resource for some FREE Tron Printables is Disney’s where you can find fun things like the 3d Light Cycle Printable shown. This would make a great addition to your party table.  In addition to that you will also find Printable Tron Door Hangers, Tron Coloring pages, 3D Recognizer, Light Disc Toss, Tron Cake, Tron Snack Ideas and more – and yes they are all for FREE – who does not love FREE?

For your Tron Birthday Cake I did find this Official Tron Light Cycle Grid Cake Topper available, which is a topper you would add on to your Frosted Cake. I actually think it is pretty cool it comes with plastic grid with light up motorcycle.  The cool light cycle on this cake actually glows!

When it comes to your Tron Party Favors I am a big fan of sending the kids home with a useful favor and I would recommend one of the many Tron Legacy Books. Not only are there a bunch to choose from, but they are affordable and a favor you can feel good about sending the kids home with.  If you like you can add in a couple Glow in the Dark Items – Blue of course.

So I hope I was able to give you some ideas for your Tron Birthday Party when it comes to the supplies and if they come out with anything Official I will update this post right away.

If you are having a Tron Birthday Party and have some Game Ideas you would like to share I would love to hear them so I can share them with my readers.


6 Responses to “Tron Birthday Party Supplies”
  1. jackie says:

    I always love parties that have a theme, and this looks like it would make for one good party! Getting to see an awesome movie and then party with all the cool party supplies. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Les says:

    We are going to have the kids dress in dark colors and use glow in the dark tape to make some quick costumes.

  3. That is such a cool idea – feel free to send me pics of that.

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