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Tropical Cake Pans and Tropical Cupcake Toppers

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I have to share some fun Luau Theme or Summertime Party Cakes Ideas with you. With special Tropical Cake Pans and Edible Sugar Shapes you can create these Tropical Cakes and fun Tropical Cupcakes at home and save money. Sometimes we need a little bit of help and Shaped Cake Pans I think are just that little bit of extra help we need.

I have seen regular cakes made in these pans, but you can even make them into large Rice Krispy Treats in the pans as well – kids would love that.

I really like the Pineapple Cake Pan – Festive, Unique and definitely will fit with any summer party.

Then you have your Palm Tree Pan which is no doubt a tropical touch.

There is also a Tropical Fish Cake Pan – what I love about this is that you can have fun designing your fish. Make more than one – add it on top of a large sheet cake frosted in blue to look like the water.

Another great cake pan is the which with some creativity you can make look like a Ukulele.

Also there is the T-Shirt Shaped Cake Pan that you add a tropical design to to look like a Hawaiian Shirt.

Now moving on to the Tropical Cupcakes.  There are lot of fun Tropical Edible Sugar Shapes  you can add to the tops of your Cupcakes that will go along with your Tropical Party Theme.

My favorite are the Edible . You can also get Edible , Edible and Edible . You can add these to Cupcakes, Brownies and even your Cakes for a fun Tropical look.

Then you also have your these are 3″, plastic and reusable and can be put into Cupcakes, Brownies, Cakes, Jello, Rice Krispy Treats and more. These come with an assortment of Palm Trees, Hula Dancer and Tiki Torches and you also get bonus sprinkles to add to it. There are so many different Tropical Cupcake Picks you can choose from – these were some I really liked.

So why spend the extra money to have someone else create you party desserts – Just use these items a save money and be proud when everyone is amazed and that you can say “I did it Myself”.

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