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Handmade Tropical Cardboard Photo Op Stand Ins

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When I had my daughter’s Luau Party I hand drew some fun Photo Op Stand Ins for the kids to stick their faces in. I found  some fun pictures one of a Surfer Dude and the other was a Mermaid and I drew them on large Thick Poster Board – Not your regular Poster Board, but the Thick Foam Type you can purchase at your local Craft Store. You can color them with Poster Paints, Crayons and Markers.

On the Surfer Dude I added a Surfboard I cut out from regular Poster Board so that it hung over the side to add an extra 3D effect. Then on my Mermaid one I made sure to add Glitter to the Mermaid’s  Scales so that it sparkled like crazy out in the sun.

When the kids arrived to the party I had them stick their heads in for a great Photo Op. These can now also become your Thank You cards – Just print the pictures out and write your message on the back. The guests can frame them to keep and they are a lot of fun.

Now you can also buy some  if you do not have the creativity in you to make your own, but I think anyone can – they do not have to be perfect since it is suppose to be Fun and Funny. These are really a fun party addition that all of your guests will love.

Here is a Shark Stand In I Custom Made years ago for one of my Customers – although that is my Daughter testing it out. This went along with a Shark Birthday Party Theme they were having. This was used for a Photo Op and then turned into a Party Game. The Kids had their photos taken inside the sharks mouth and later at the party they played feed the shark where they through Fish to see who could get it in the Sharks mouth.  This was the Hit at their Party. The pictures were used as Thank Yous and The kids also Stuffed Plush Sharks at the party, which are available on my Website Here:  Stuff a Plush Shark.

Below are some Tropical Photo Op Stand Ins that I have found that you can purchase for your party.

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