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Twilight Eclipse Party Invitations

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Ok Twilight Fans it is time for the next Twilight Saga  – “Eclipse” coming to theaters June 2010.  So of course with that comes  the Twilight Eclipse Party Theme. So if you are planning one then you will want to get it started off right with some great Custom Personalized Twilight Eclipse Party Invitations.

The perfect choice of course would be the Twilight Eclipse Ticket Style Invitations which look just like a Movie Ticket and you get to personalize them with all your Party Information. Also available are Twilight Eclipse VIP Pass Invitations which I like because they will also double as a Keepsake from the party and also can be personalized with all your party information.

There are many design choices to chose from and you even have the option of printing them yourself from your home printer which will save time for all those last minute party planners. I think these are also a great choice if you plan to bring the kids to see the Twilight Eclipse Movie. For my nieces Alice in Wonderland Movie Party I made up the VIP Passes and all the kids wore them to the movies and felt extra special. Everyone in the theater was wondering what they were and if they were getting some kind of special treatment – it was pretty funny.

To See all your Twilight Invitation Choices and there are so many – Click Here: Twilight Party Invitations

I also have created a Page dedicated to Twilight Birthday Cakes and you can see that by going here: Twilight Birthday Cakes, Cupcakes and Cookies

The Official Twilight Eclipse Party Supplies are coming soon and due out around the end of May – so stay tuned – I will have then right here as soon as they are released.

Here is a sneak Peak:

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