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Twilight Birthday Party Supplies and Invitations

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Twilight party invitations

Nothing gets your guests excited about a party with out some good invitations to get them hyped.  I have found some really great Twilight Party Invitations that will do just that. If you are planning a Twilight Party this will help you get started in the right direction. One of my very favorite designs comes from Etsy Seller FrameWorthy and it is the one you see pictured to your left. All of your party information is printed on the invite and you get them sent right to your email so you can print them at home. I have to say I really enjoy this new print at home option so many online sellers offer now – no more waiting or going to the stores to find invitations. Let me share with you some of my other favorites.

twlight invitationsOf course the next favorite place to find some Custom Personalized Twilight Party Invitations is EBay.  You will be amazed at the amount of choices you will find from Ticket Style Invitations, VIP Pass Invitations and Backstage Pass Invites.  All of course personalized with your party information and the ability to print them at home from your own computer.

twlilight candle party invitation

The most unique invitation that will have your party guests talking is this Twilight Candle Party Invitation. This must be one of the most unique party invitations I have seen in a long time. They are personalized Candle Wraps and are made to be placed over a flameless votive or tea light candle. You can choose from 2 types of paper Opaque and Transparent for a different glow effect.  You have a choice of designs and each candle wrap is approx. 2 3/4″ x 4″ Tall. You can also choose to not personalize these and use around the room of your party as a decoration. Now how cool are they?

twilight party invitations custom

How about adding your photo into the scene with these Custom Twilight Invites. Put your face where Bella would be so it appears as if you are in Edward’s arms.  Your invitation will be designed with your photo next to Edward Cullen.  Now that is something very different and fun!!! This seller will send you a proof and when you say it is good to go you will receive the file via email so you can print as many as you would like.  You also have the option to leave it as the original with Bella, but that is just no fun.

bag of blood twilight invitation

Now here is a really unique one – How about a Bag of Blood Twilight Invitation? Don’t worry it is not real blood it is Strawberry Candy Syrup.The syrup goes great in milk, on ice cream, or even by itself for the extreme sweet tooth. The bags are approx 4×4 with approx 1.5 oz. of syrup inside. They are strong durable bags and heat sealed for freshness. You must use scissors and cut the corner of the bag to release the syrup. The front label on the bags is specific to the New Moon. The blood type is “D” (for dessert). A  “Dripping Blood”  font is used added effect.  The back has card stock with an area to fill in all your party information or you can remove it and use these bags as a fun Party Favor.


Now these are not invitations, but some very easy Twilight Cupcakes I have to share with you.  These are so simple to make and look great. These were made using white cake mix, frosted with vanilla frosting and sprinkled with edible red sugar. Then a plastic fork was stuck in holding some fun quotes from the movie placed in the fork prongs. This was brought to you by; Maggie’s Dinner Dates – How creative is that?

twilight pinata

I also have to mention the new Twilight Pinata that the Original World of Pinatas has just added to their product line. Each of their party pinatas are handmade and they always bring us a great selection where it is needed and being there are no official Twilight Pinatas – you now have a great option for your party. Each pinata is approx.  20″ H x 12 ” W.  It comes with a Pull String Kit or you can Smash it the old fashioned way – your choice.

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