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Unique Birthday Party Favors – Lil Scribblers

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ladybug crayons birthday party favorIf you are looking for a unique useful Birthday Party Favor then I have one for you. They are called Lil Scribblers™ and they are redesigned crayons made into fun shapes for the kids. Lil Boo & Co make these by hand and they are sold from their Etsy store.

lil scribbler party favorEach one is made with Crayola® Crayons and the Lil Scribblers™ are created by melting them down in a beautiful swirl of your favorite colors for a unique look.  Each Lil Scribbler™  is equal to 5 or more regular crayons and are very large in size. Perfect size for those little hands.  The kids love to color with these – not only are they adorable, but they love getting a different color every time. They will also customize colors for you – all you have to do is ask.

farm animal crayons party favorLil Boo & Co offers a variety of shapes like Ladybug Shaped Crayons, Farm Animal Shaped Crayons, Butterfly Shaped Crayons, Flower Shaped Crayons and more. One of my other favorite things – they are BUDGET FRIENDLY and who does not love that.

You can give one or two large crayons to each guest along with a Custom Personalized Coloring Book(available on Ebay by Party Theme) or any Coloring Book.  And that is all you need. Not only will the kids love it, but the parents will too. How many times have your kids come home from a party with bags of candy and useless toys? These Lil Scribblers™ are a Unique way to say thanks for adding color to my special day – now you can add some to yours.


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  1. am says:

    OMG I need those!!!

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