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Unique Cupcake Party Favor – Using Cupcake Containers

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Cupcake Container

Cupcake Container

I just saw this for my first time and thought it was such a great idea for a Birthday Party Favor. It is an individual reusable Cupcake Container.

A little about the Cupcake Containers:

  • Reusable. No squashed cupcakes or messed up icing!
  • Frosted cupcake stays in place even if container is turned upside down.
  • Airtight to seal in freshness and lightweight.
  • Good for cupcakes up to 2-3/4 tall.
  • Set of 4 includes 2 blue and 2 yellow containers.

Ok so now you are thinking – How does that become a Party Favor?Well I am going to tell you and you are gonna love this.

You take the Cupcake Container and personalize them with the name of the party guest using a permanent marker. Add a frosted cupcake on the inside. Wrap it up in clear or colored cellophane a tie with a ribbon. Attach to the ribbon a small baggie with some fun sprinkles (So the child can decorate their own Cupcake at home) and a note saying something like “Thank you for coming to my Party, it was very Sweet and now you get to go home with a Special Treat.”

And that is it – A Unique BUDGET FRIENDLY Party Favor the kids will love and they can use their Cupcake Container over and over to bring Cupcakes to school for lunch or anywhere they go for a treat. I just love useful Party Favors!!!

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