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How to make a Volcano Birthday Cake

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Lava CakeFor my son’s 7th Science Theme Birthday Party my sister and I created a Volcano Cake.  OK I confess my sister really gets the credit for this one. What she did was bake the cake using multiple pans. The bottom part was a large Stainless Steel pan she filled maybe 1/2 and baked the cake, the middle was a Bundt Pan and the top part was a smaller Stainless Steel Cake Pan.  Those 3 shapes together formed the shape of the Volcano.  She then piled them together and frosted them with Chocolate Frosting

Lava Birthday CakeFor the Lava we used Cherry, Orange and Yellow Life Savers which were crushed up in a Ziploc bag with a hammer. We added the colors all together and mixed it up to give the look of flames, but you can do it however you like. You then take the life savers crushed and make a pile in lines on a Aluminum foil covered cookie sheet making sure you have enough space in between them so they can melt and spread. For the Lava there is no need to worry about shape because you want it to vary for each piece. Stick it in the oven at 300 degrees and keep an eye on it. Once melted take out and let them cool before trying to remove them from the foil.

One you peel them from the foil have fun adding them to your cake. Have it look as though Lava is erupting from the Volcano and going down the sides. We even added some around the bottom of the cake like it was piling up there. One other tip is to have enough pieces to go around – the kids of course all wanted a piece of the Lava.

We also used the tall candles that sparkled when lit just to give it an added touch – everyone loved it!!!

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