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Make a Waffle Bouquet like the one iCarly received on her Birthday

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While I was doing some writing about iCarly’s new show airing tomorrow “iGot a Hot Room” I noticed in one of the pictures a very cool Bouquet of Waffles.  In this show they are celebrating iCarly’s Birthday and if you are a fan of the show you know that they love waffles. Well it seems that iCarly received a bouquet of them and I thought what a fun treat idea to have out at a Birthday Party.

Not only is this Simple to create, but inexpensive too. Can you imagine the look on your guests faces if you have one of these out on the table?

So how do you create a Bouquet of Waffles for your Birthday Party? Let me tell you….

  • You will need Waffles of course – Looks like iCarly had Round Waffles and the Mini Waffles that can break into 4 small round ones
  • Fresh Strawberries
  • Skewers/Sticks
  • They used a Pink Metal Bucket, but you an use anything you may have on hand for display – even a Plastic Sand Bucket would work.
  • Styrofoam Base to stick in the Bucket

So all you do is add your Fresh Strawberries onto the Wood Skewers. Toast your Waffles and carefully stick each onto a Wood Skewer as well. Then place your Styrofoam Base into the Bucket.  Then just build your arrangement – make some higher and some lower to give it a look like a Bouquet. Then add in your Strawberry Skewers and that is it. Is that Simple or what? I love this idea.

Then what I would do is have some small plastic cups next to the Waffle Bouquet and some Syrup so the kids can pour some into their cups for dipping.

This is also a perfect idea  for a Sleepover Party Breakfast. Set this out in the middle of the table come breakfast time and let the kids go at it. I think a Waffle Bouquet is great anytime of  day.

Imagine the possibilities: They have Confetti Waffles that would add some color, Chocolate and Vanilla Waffles, Mickey Mouse Waffles, Heart Shaped Waffles and other Waffles Shapes. You can offer Chocolate for dipping too and even Whipped Cream. How about having some Ice Cream on the side? Maybe even have your Strawberries already covered in Chocolate. Gosh the ideas are endless.

What do yo think of this Waffle Bouquet Idea? You can leave a Comment below – I would love to hear from ya.


8 Responses to “Make a Waffle Bouquet like the one iCarly received on her Birthday”
  1. Alana says:

    I also loved this idea so much that I looked it up to see if it was something common. I was surprised to see that your article about the iCarly waffle bouquet was the first website that came up. You’ve added some other great ideas with the chocolate covered strawberries and syrup! I’m going to take this to an upcoming breakfast for ladies that I will attend. They will love it!

  2. Laura says:

    This is perfect! My daughter is having an iCarly themed birthday party sleepover this weekend! Easy beautiful breakfast! I hadn’t thought about getting styrofoam – thanks for the tip!

  3. I know I love it. I just did Fruit Kabobs for my daughters – u an see here: Fruit Kabobs which was inspired by these. Please send me a photo of them I would love to share with other parents.

  4. I love it too – Please share a photo of your bouquet so I can share with others – Have fun !!!

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