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Watermelon Fairy Costume and My Top 12 Girls Fairy Costumes

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Have you ever heard of a Watermelon Fairy? I never did until I saw this SWEET New Watermelon Fairy Costume. This costume is beyond Sweet with its Watermelon Fairy Wings and Black Seed Dot Dress. I must say this kids costume is one that is very Unique and I love it. I have also shared 12 more Girls Fairy Costumes that I think are fantastic.

I wonder what a Watermelon Fairy would actually do – Hmmm Maybe bring you some Sweet Watermelon. Remove the Seeds for you or Take away the Watermelon Rhine after you eat all the Watermelon off??? Just Wondering……

Anyway I think any little girl would love to prance around in this Watermelon Fairy Costume is is ABSOLUTELY Adorable. This happens to be one of my Favorite new costumes for 2010.

Here is the Watermelon Fairy Costume Description:

This Watermelon Fairy Costume includes the pink dress with black “seed” dots and a flared, layered tulle skirt with yellow and green trim at the hem and neckline, the watermelon bopper headband and co-ordinating arm warmers. Watermelon Fairy Wingsavailable separately, but you have to have those to fly.

So after I found this Costume I decided to check out some of the other New Fairy Costumes out there to see what other Fairies I have been missing. I never realized there is a Fairy for everything – who knew?

So here are 12 New Fairy Costumes I think are worth sharing and perfect for any little girl on Halloween who wants to spread some Fairy Magic.

1. Snowflake Fairy CostumeNow how pretty is this Snowflake Costume – will this fairy turn us all into Snowflakes?

2. Pink Mummy Fairy CostumeI love this – A Mummy Fairy? So Original and those Mummy Fairy Wings are Awesome !!!

3. Candy Corn Fairy CostumeWho does not love Candy Corn in the Fall and on Halloween. Maybe there is some in that Candy Corn Purse – hmmmm.

4. Candy Cane Fairy Costume – This has to be my 2nd Favorite after the Watermelon Fairy Costume. This is not only great for Halloween, but what a fun Costume to wear for the Christmas Holidays. Just look at those Candy Cane Fairy Wings – now those ROCK.

5. Mermaid Fairy CostumeTaking Fairies Under the Sea !! Move over Ariel the Mermaid Fairy has arrived.

6. Sugar Plum Fairy Costume – Not sure why, but I think this is a more sophisticated Fairy – Just sayin’

7. Wicked Fairy Costume My daughter would love this one. This Fairy has gone Goth, but is a fun twist on the Fairies we all think of. It even says “Wicked” right on the front just to be sure everyone is warned.

8. Monarch Butterfly Fairy CostumeI love Butterflies so this costume is another one I truly love. The Butterfly Wings are precious !!!

9. Lime Sherbet Fairy Costume – Now this is another SWEET Fairy and the colors on this costume are great. Personally I like Lime Sherbet.

10. Raspberry Sherbet Fairy Costume – A perfect pair to the Lime Sherbet Costume – maybe you have two little girls who want to be fairies for Halloween. I love the Sweetness of these two Costumes.

11. Plum Pixie Fairy Costume – I added this costume to my 12 because I love the colors of this one. Purples and Plums are my favorite colors and this Fairy Costume had them all – I really like this one too.

12. Water Lily Fairy Costume – Look how pretty this costume is in the Blue and Green Shades. The Wings on this one are great too !!!

Are all of these Girls Fairy Costume amazing or what? and this is just 13 of my personal favorites – there are tons and tons more – How do you choose? The one thing I always say is that these Costume are not just for Halloween either. Girls love to play Dress Up and every year I add my daughter’s costumes to her Dress Up Chest so when her friends come over they will be worn and played with again.  They can even wear them for their own Birthday Parties – they are the guest of honor and they can be specially dressed for their own party ya know !!!

I hope you liked my selections and maybe your little girl will be wearing one for Halloween this year – or maybe I just confused you – sorry if I did that, but I had to share them all. It got me to thinking – maybe I will dress as a Party Fairy this Year – Hmmm gotta work on that one – lol.

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