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Webkinz Mazin Hamsters are Here

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Yes it is true Ganz the makers of  Webkinz has come out with their very own line of Hamsters – They are called Mazin’ Hamsters and they are a bit different from the Zhu Zhu Pet Hamsters we are all very familiar with.

The Webkinz Mazin’ Hamsters are not Battery Operated, nor do they make noise, BUT they do come to life just like all the other Webkinz in there very own online world. These Webkinz Hamsters are adorable Plush Toys like other Webkinz that come with a special code the kids get to enter online at and they have their very own 3D World just for them.

In the Mazin’ Hamster 3D Online World the kids get to create Their own Rooms, Mazes, Play Games, Play in their Ball and Interact with each other.

Here is their Official Description:

♥ Each Mazin’ Hamster has a Feature Code that unlocks a new habitat
♥ You and your Hamster can build, explore and race in exciting 3D mazes!
♥ Multiple Hamsters unlock new maze pieces and help build it faster!
♥ Includes a unique virtual ball design and wallpaper for your maze
♥ Add crazy rooms, choose your ball, and have fun!

I think the kids will really like these since Hamsters have been given a whole new popularity with Zhu Zhu Pets and even though Webkinz has still been producing new Plush I think they have died out over the years. I think Webkinz may be getting some popularity back with the Mazin’ Hamsters and I think they may just make a comeback. I know my daughter wants one already.

Webkinz Mazin’ Hamsters Series 1 will include:  Sunshine, Honey, Snowflake, Presto, Sweetie and Petunia.  Some of them will be harder to find than others and I am sure if these take off they will continue to bring us more with a Mazin’ Hamster Series 2 in the near future – so stay tuned.

To Order Yours Visit Here: Webkinz Mazin’ Hamsters

You can also find them on Ebay as well if you are looking to Pre-Order some of the Newest Ones or the Hard to Find Hamsters Here:

Webkinz Mazin’ Hamsters on EBay


10 Responses to “Webkinz Mazin Hamsters are Here”
  1. Joey Colson says:

    I like Presto, he’s aweosme! I think Ganz did an awesome job making these sweet and lovable hamsters!

  2. Allison says:

    I like Honey and Sunshine, they’re normal colored hamsters. Also I think the new addition of MAZIN’ Hamsters is Awesome, Especial of the new game!:) you can twist and turn in the new maze! Even cooler, They have 20 different fun rooms!

  3. frank says:

    i have a webkinz mazin hamsters. petunia and hony

  4. Hannah says:

    I love Fresco. <3 My boy cousin Riley likes Sparkles but he wants it in blue.

  5. Mayla says:


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