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New Where the Wild Things Are Costumes

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There is nothing cuter than this New Where the Wilds Things Are Max Costume. Fans of this popular Story Book can now dress up like their favorite Book Character and start a Wild Rumpus.

Where the Wild Things Are Book is a classic to me, being that I must have read it to my own kids like a million times – I know I am not alone.  So when I saw this New Max Costume for 2011 I got so excited – I have seen some other Where the Wild Things Are Costumes in the past, mostly handmade ones, but this one looks just like Max’s Wolf Suit. If my kids were still young they would have gone crazy for this.

I don’t think Costumes are just for Halloween – I think they are great year round. Kids love to dress up and it helps get their imaginations going and I can just see a child slipping into this Wolf Suit just like Max did and explore… Maybe they will be the King of all the Wild Things in your own house. Or maybe you are having a Where the Wild Things Birthday Party – this would be the perfect attire for the Guest of Honor to wear during the book reading !!

This Max Costume will be available in Toddler Sizes and includes a furry hooded jumpsuit with attached tail and crown – Look nice and warm too. I am still hopeful that they will come out with a Carol/Moishe Costume, but I have not seen an official one as of yet. See below for some of my favorite handmade ones.

While I am at it let me show you some of the other Where the Wild Things Are Costumes I have seen:

Here are some other Where the Wild Things Are Max Costumes available that can be found here on Amazon. And yes it is even available in Adult size – how funny is that? A Giant Max !!

Now let me show you some of my personal Favorite Handmade Where the Wild Things Are Costumes of both Max and Carol/Moishe. Some of which have Step by Step Tutorials if you are brave enough to give it a shot (lol). I am not Brave enough – shhhh….

Just click on the Purple Word Links

1. Moishe CostumeLove this one by How to make a TuTu and they have a Tutorial – BONUS !!

2. Simple Moishe Costume – Check out this Mom from My Rumpus who dressed up like Moishe creating her costume for about $10 bucks, now that is Frugal (Love) !!

3. Moishe Hat – This Moishe Hat screams cool and is available from Etsy Seller Fairly Enchanted and can be made to fit any size head – How cool is that?

4. Moishe Dog Costume – I had to add this in too, I am beyond words. This is also handmade by Etsy Seller Fairly Enchanted and can be made to fit any size. Hmmm wonder which one of my 3 dogs would look best in that?

5. Handmade Max and Moishe Costumes – Both have instructions and I just love these, Don’t you?

6. Max’s Headpiece –  Here is a Tutorial on how to make Max’s Headpiece that can be made to fit all sizes.

7. DIY Max Costume – Yes the pic is of his backside, but this post have step by step instruction on how you can easily create it and that is what it is all about.

8. Where the Wild Things are 3D Printables – Ok these are not costumes, but I could not help but share them. These are FREE Printables that you can create for the kids to play with – Love them !!

You can also find more Handmade Where The Wild Things are Costumes on Ebay and Etsy done and Ready to Wear.

So let the Wild Rumpus Start…

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