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Wiltons Halloween Candy Necklace Kits

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Let the kids have some fun at your Halloween Party with these Halloween Candy Necklace Kits from Wilton. Kids love to bead necklaces and now they can do that with these, but the bonus is that they are edible. Wilton has two kits available for Halloween – one features Pumpkins and the other features Skulls.  So these are great for both Boys and Girls.

Each Candy Necklace Kit has enough Beads and Large Candy Charms to make 8 Necklaces.

Not only only would thee be fun at your Kid’s Halloween Party, but they are also great for Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts and any other event that you need a fun party activity around Halloween Time. The kids can make their necklaces, wear them and then of course eat them later – Love That!!!

You can also use these as a Halloween Party Favor by placing the same amount of Candy Beads, Charm and String in a baggie to send home with the kids to create after the party.

I also found these Halloween Sour Candy Necklace Kits that are already pre-packaged are ready to given out as a Halloween Party Favor. One is in the shape of a Cat and the other an Alien. Each ones comes with Colored Sour Candy Beads and String to create a Yummy Necklace.

Kids love Candy,  but it is fun to when it is turned into an Activity – so they have to work for it !!!

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