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Zhu Zhu Pets Halloween Costumes are Finally Here

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Zhu Zhu Pet fans are going to be so excited to know that the Zhu Zhu Pets Halloween Costumeshave finally arrived. Currently there are two Zhu Zhu Pet Costumes on the market just in time for Halloween. The kids can dress up in the Jilly Costume or choose the Mr. Squiggles Costume. Either one I think is a great choice.

Not only will these Zhu Zhu Pet Costumes be great for Halloween, but they are also perfect for the guest of honor to wear for their Zhu Zhu Pet Birthday Party.  How cute would it be for the party guests to be greeted at the door by a Zhu Zhu Pet?  Costumes are not just for Halloween ya know !!!

Girls will especially love the Pink and White Zhu Zhu Pet Jilly Costume. The Jilly Costume features a 100% polyester plush body suit with skirt and a matching Jilly headpiece with face cutout. Also right on the costume you have a cute little picture of Jilly so everyone will know who they are – not that anyone would not recognize a Zhu Zhu Pet – right???

Now the Boys will love the Zhu Zhu Pet Mr. Squiggles Costume which is one of the very first Zhu Zhu Pets that hit the market. The Mr. Squiggles Costume features a 100% polyester plush body suit, matching Mr. Squiggles headpiece with face cutout and a red cape. I think this is Mr. Squiggles turned Super Hamster!!! Boys will love the cape. And again right on the front of the costume you have a little picture of Mr. Squiggles.

You will find these Costumes available to Order Here:

Zhu Zhu Pets Halloween Costumes

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