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Zhu Zhu Puppies are the latest in Cuteness

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Cepia has done it again !! First they brought us Zhu Zhu Pet Hamsters then the Kung Zhu Hamster line and now the Zhu Zhu Puppies. This new line of puppies is going to have the kids going crazy it is just pure Puppy Cuteness.

This new toy line is just starting to hit the market and will no doubt in my mind take off just like the Zhu Zhu Pet Hamsters did. Just when you thought you may have had a handle on those Hamsters now your kids will be asking for the Zhu Zhu Puppies. So let me tell you a bit about what I know so far about these Pups so you can be ahead of the game.

The Zhu Zhu Puppies are similar to the Zhu Zhu Pet Hamsters in the way that they are interactive.  The Puppies will Bark, Woof, Run and make lots of other funny noises as well. Each Puppy comes with their own Brush and of course there are Playsets, Outfits and Accessories to go along with the line. They are absolutely adorable and would make a great addition to any child’s Zhu Zhu Pet Collection.

Like I said these Zhu Zhu Puppies are just hitting the market and will be in full force for 2011. Right now you can find them being sold on Ebay Here: Zhu Zhu Puppies. As they get released in stores I will update this page. You can also find some trickling in on Amazon Here: Zhu Zhu Puppies.

So let me introduce you to the first Zhu Zhu Puppies hitting the market and here they are:

Are they cute or what? Currently there are 6 Zhu Zhu Puppies coming out first:

  • Howser – Dalmatian
  • Dakota – Husky
  • Miss Priss – Shitzu
  • Sabrina – Maltese
  • Murphy – Dachshund
  • Loolah – Yorkie

Here are the first 5 Zhu Zhu Puppies Playsets

  • Posh Puppy Playhouse
  • Bark De Triomphe Play Yard
  • Hotdog Puppy Push Cart
  • Bow Wow Puppy Buggy
  • Bark Park

And of course you have to dress up your Zhu Zhu Puppies and you can do just that in these 6 fun Outfits

  • Pretty Pink Dress
  • Princess Puppy Coat
  • Hooded Romper
  • Charming Pinafore
  • Strolling Daywear
  • Panda Pup

So that is it for now – As I get more info I will update. I know there are some questions like will the Zhu Zhu Puppies interact with the Zhu Zhu Pet Hamsters and their playsets. I am looking to find out those answers so I can post them here.

Well to answer the above question – Yes & No. The Zhu Zhu Puppies with work with some of the Zhu Zhu Hamsters items that will allow for a bigger head to fit. They seem to not fit into the tunnels, but will work with the Car and other items that have a higher space to accommodate their larger heads.

If you have any other information than what I have provided let me know !!!


8 Responses to “Zhu Zhu Puppies are the latest in Cuteness”
  1. Laketra says:

    My aunt found them all here in St. Louis, MO at a Target. Well of course Cepia is located here. And I just LOVE the princess collection.

  2. krystal says:

    I was wondering if these zhu zhu puppies do all the same things that the zhu zhu hamsters do as far as sounds and the movement? My daughter loves her hamster and her bday is coming up next month and I was considering buying her a zhu zhu puppy and accessories.

  3. They are very similar to the Zhu Zhu Pet Hamsters, but they are just in the shape of Puppies. They do Bark and their noises may a bit different. They are super cute too !!!

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