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Zhu Zhu Wild Wacky Hamster Game

July 21, 2010 by  
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Check out this new Zhu Zhu Wild Wacky Hamster Game that makes a great Gift for any Zhu Zhu Pets Fan. This game is full of action while you race your Zhu Zhu Pet Marbles and watch as the Twist, Turn and Flip all the way to the finish line.

The Zhu Zhu Pet Marbles go through tunnels and down ramps just like the Zhu Zhu Pet Toys do. It definitely looks like it will be a fun game the kids will love to play. The best part is that the kids can either play by themselves or with other up to 4 players. Kids love marbles, but they will like these Zhu Zhu Pet Marbles even more – I think I would like to play this game too.

This Zhu Zhu Pet Game will be available in September, but you can Pre-Order it now to insure you will get one.  Great Idea for a Birthday or Christmas Gift.

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