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15 Ghoulicious Halloween Drink Ideas for the Kids

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Planning a Halloween Party for the kids this year and need some Ghoulish drink ideas? Lucky for you I have compiled 15 of the best Halloween Drinks for Kids along with some fun ideas and tips.

It does not take much to make these Halloween Drinks and most of them contain ingredients the kids love.  Having some special Mocktails for the kids adds to the fun of the party.

I am going to show you 15 Easy Halloween Drink Ideas I have compiled from around the web. These happen to be my personal favorites and I also chose them because I think the kids would really like them. I would suggest maybe making one “Special” Halloween Drink to go along with your other drinks such as soda, water, juice etc… for the party. This way you can put your focus into making it extra SpOOky with the cups and Creepy additions that may be lurking on the bottom.

Are you ready to see them? Thirsty for Ideas are ya? Ok then here ya go….

Click on the links (Purple Words) to be taken to the Recipes

1. Candy Corn Cooler – Mmmm Does that look yummy or what?

2. Blue Slime Drink – This one has some Blue Jell-O added in to give it its slimy texture

3. Boo-Nilla Shakes – This recipe is from Martha – I like this one, but I might change the name to Ghost Juice (lol)

4. Goblin Goo Drink – This one is Grape Flavored and also has some Grape Jell-O to make it Gooey !!

5. Ghoulish Punch – This punch is a combo of Lime Jell-O Flavor with some Orange Sherbert

6. Monster Green Ice Cream Soda – Kids will love this one !!

7. Glow in the Dark Spooky Drinks – Put these under a Black Light and they will glow as you can see in the picture. Now How cool is that?

8. Bat Juice Mocktail – This drink gets its black color from Licorice – not sure how this one would taste, but I liked the idea. Black Licorice is an acquired taste and most kids do not like it. But being it is mixed with soda I am not sure how much you would taste – if you like this one then I suggest trying it first.

9. Vampire Blood Drink – This drink starts off with a Cranberry Raspberry Juice, now that is yummy. I also think that you can make Shirley Temples to also be called Vampire Blood.

10. Bubbling Cocktails – Another fun one from Martha that starts off with Kiwi’s.

11. Blood Red Hot Chocolate – Martha again brings us this Hot Drink along with some Marshmallow Bones for stirring. What gives the Hot Chocolate its red color is some Red Food Coloring Gel so I am wondering if you can just add some to regular Hot Cocoa…Hmmmm I may have to try that out and see.

12. Beetle Juice Slush – This drink combines Apricot Nectar, Orange Juice, Peaches and Lemon Lime Soda – Sounds tasty !!

13. Haunting Hot Chocolate – This recipes does not seem to be a typical White Chocolate as I thought it would be, but the recipe sounds delicious and I love the Ghost on top !!

14. Fruit Smoothies with Eyes – These healthy Fruit Smoothies would be a great treat for the kids, but what makes these are the Meringue Eyes !!

15. Swamp Juice – This fun drink is filled with Gummy Worms, Fish and Fish Eggs – so gross the kids will love it.

Here are some Tips and Ideas for you Halloween Drinks:

Sometimes what makes these drinks so Ghoulish is the color of the drink, the glass it is in and some of the items that may be floating inside. Of course a good name for your drink helps too. So if you are going to create a Halloween Drink this year – pick out a Fun Glass/Cup to serve it up in and add some fun inside.

Keep in mind to not put items in the drink that are so small that when the child is drinking they could choke.

Here are some fun ideas I also found to show you how you can decorate and add fun to the glasses. You can use Acrylic Dimensional Paints and add faces (just be sure to not have the paint up by the top of the glass where it could get in their mouth), Stick on Google Eyes, Wrap Eyes Balls with Pipe Cleaners around, Use Black Duct Tape and cut our Pumpkin faces, Add Blood Dripping down the glass (see below for how to do this) or  add a carved Orange Pumpkin.

Some other ideas – Stick in Gummy Worms, Toss in a pair of Candy Waxed Lips, Wax Teeth, Halloween Toys such as Skeletons (just make sure they are big),  Wrap drinks with Cob Webs, use Glow Stick Stirrers which will light up the drink, Serve drinks in Test Tubes or Beakers, Create Halloween Ice Cubes

– trays come in all different shapes – I can go on and on, but I am sure you get the idea by now.

Think presentation – if your Halloween Drink is in a cup that is not clear then they will not be able to see it !!

How to create Dripping Blood going down the Glass:

Use 3 Tbsp Corn Syrup

1/4 tsp Red Food Coloring

Mix that together, Dip the rim of your Glass into the mixture and then turn it upright to let it drip down.

Easy Peasy !!

You can also have fun by dipping the Rims of your Glasses into colored sanding sugars – A fun one would be black sanding sugar !!! For this all you do is wet the rim of the glass and dip.

Have Fun with your Ghoulicious Halloween Drink creations !!

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