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Alice in Wonderland Birthday Party Game Ideas

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I was lucky enough to go see the Alice in Wonderland Movie the day after it came out in theaters.  My niece actually had an Alice in Wonderland Movie Birthday Party and we all went to the movies. I really liked the way Tim Burton put it all together in only the way he can. I also really enjoyed Johnny Depp playing the Mad Hatter – he seems to be really good at playing those crazy roles lately. Anyway I wanted to put together some creative party game ideas for those who will be having an Alice in Wonderland Birthday Party now that I have seen the movie and have been refreshed on the story. I came up with ideas with based on the New Movie, The Original Disney Movie and also the 1985 Through the Looking Glass version.

So here are some Alice in Wonderland Party Game Ideas for you:

Flamingo Croquet –  That Queen of Hearts loves her game of croquet,  but her mallet is not just any croquet mallet – it is a Flamingo. So set up a fun game of croquet for the kids or just let them see who can hit a ball the furthest using one of these Plastic Flamingos – upside down of course.

Make sure when you buy your Flamingo it is standing upright, then just bend the wire legs closer together so the kids can get a better handle on it. Also make sure whatever ball you use is not too hard since the Flamingos are plastic and light weight. Or of course you can always purchase a Plush Hedgehog to use since that is what the Queen prefers (although hers is real-ewwww).

Mad Hatter Hat Toss – The Mad Hatter is very good at tossing his hat just where he needs it to land. So to play off of this you can play a game of Mad Hatter Hat Toss with the kids and see if they have good aim as well.

First you will need a Mad Hatter Hat. Then one at a time have the kids toss the hat and mark each one where it falls and let all the kids have a turn and see who can toss it the furthest. Now you can also make numbers on the ground and see if anyone can aim to get the hat on one.

Sugar Cubes & Tea Cups  The Mad Rabbit (Mad March Hare) likes to try and toss Sugar Cubes into everyone’s Tea Cups in addition to throwing things.  So playing off the Sugar Cubes you can purchase an inexpensive Toy Tea Set (maybe you even have one in your house already) and get a nice big box of Sugar Cubes.  Give each child a set amount of Sugar Cubes and one at a time have them stand at a set distance from your Tea Set. Have all four Tea Cups set up and the Tea Pot as well with the top off. Then they have to try and get their Sugar Cubes into the Tea Cups. If they get one in the Tea Pot – well that is a BONUS.

Another variation is to work in teams – Have one child hold a Tea Cup and another child has some Sugar Cubes and plays the Mad Rabbit. Have them stand a distance apart and on go the child with Sugar Cubes tosses them to their partner who has to try and catch the Sugar Cube in their Tea Cup. Make sure they each have a turn in the different roles. You can even kick it up a notch and get some Rabbit Ears for the ones who are playing the part of the Mad Rabbit to wear.

Build up your Army – The Red Queen/Queen of Hearts has an Army of Playing Cards.  To play off this you can break your party guests into teams. Give each team a deck or two of  Playing Cards and a level stable surface. Give them a set amount of time to build a Tower of Cards (Build up their Army). When the timer goes off which ever team has the most cards standing wins.

Now to be fair to those who may have never built a Tower of Cards before – let them have some time to practice. Show them how it is done. I would not recommend this game to the very young since it requires some amount of patience to do.

Pin the Eye on Bandersnatch – So in the movie the Mouse takes one of the Bandersnatch’s Eyes as it was chasing Alice. Ok that part was kinda gross, but kids like gross.  Then Alice returns its eye when she was in need of the Sword it was guarding. So I Thought you can play off of that by creating a Pin the Eye on Bandersnatch Game.  To do that you can find a picture of Bandersnatch and print it out – they are not easy to find though. So you can actually just get some poster board and draw one yourself – just have fun with it, you do not need to be perfect. It is not the most attractive creature anyway.

Then when drawing its eyes make one black. Then cut out some eyes that would fit in the eye space. Then play the game as you would Pin the Tail on the Donkey – just in this case it is Pin the Eye on the Bandersnatch.

Another Variations could be to take a photo of Cheshire the Cat and play Pin the Smile on Cheshire or even Pin the Hat on the Mad Hatter.

Find Cheshire Cat – So if you know the story you know that Cheshire Cat can disappear and reappear. So an easy game for the kids is to play Find Cheshire using a Cheshire Cat Plush or you can just as easily print up a picture of him. Then hide him somewhere in the room the party is in or outside and see who will be able to find him first. If you are printing photos of him to hide – then do a bunch and hide him all over and see who can find the most.

TweedleDee & TweedleDum Races – These boys are very funny and can never agree on anything.  So why not have some fun and pair up your party guests for some 3 legged racing fun. All you need to do is stand 2 guests side by side then tie together their legs in the middle.  Then on go let all the pairs race against each other. Add in some fun obstacles so they have to work together and see which team can communicate the best.

What is my Name? – Prior to the party make up name tags for each party guest, BUT write their name backwards – it is a Mad World ya know.  As each guest arrives have them stick on their name tag. In addition to that give each guest a Necklace with an old fashioned Skeleton Key hanging from it – this will be part of the game. Now you can either find some Old Keys on EBay or you can trace a Skeleton Key Shape like the one pictured on Heavy Card Stock or Foam Sheet, Cut Out, Hole Punch and add string to make a necklace for each guest.

Once all the guests arrive explain the rules. Each guest must call each other by the name on their tags – their backwards name.  Example – my name is Nicole – Backwards it is elocin.  If one of the guests calls another by their real name then they get to take their key and wear it.  At the end of the party the guest with the most keys wins a prize.

Red Roses – The Red Queen/Queen of Hearts obviously loves the color Red and that is also the way she likes her roses. She is not happy when some of her roses are White. So to play on this you can have the kids race to paint the White Roses Red and see who does it the quickest and does the best job. Now I am not a fan of paint at a party – it is just way to messy, but if you are Ok with that then get some White Silk Roses and Red Paint and let the kids paint the Silk Rose.  Or you can print out a Picture of a Rose and let the kids pretend they are painting, but with mess free Red Crayons. For FREE Printable Rose Coloring Pages – Click Here.

Tea Cup Races – This game is best played outside. What you want to do is split the guests into two teams depending on how many you have – if you have a lot then break it into more teams. You will need one Tea Cup for each team, a Bucket filled with water and either empty Buckets or Teapots. What you want to do is place an Empty Teapot or Bucket at one end opposite of where the teams will start the race – make sure each holds the same amount of water or mark them – they should all be the same if possible. Place them at one end of the yard a nice distance away . Now on the end where the race will begin have a large Bucket filled with water – make sure it is equal distance for each team to get to or you can have one for each team.  Line up the teams – first in line has the Tea Cup. On go each guest with the Tea Cup must fill their cup and race to the empty Bucket or Teapot trying not to spill too much water out. Then they will dump it into the Bucket or Teapot and run back to hand off the Tea Cup to the next in their line and the game continues until one team fills their Bucket or Teapot all the way.

Don’t be Late Scavenger Hunt – Kids love Scavenger Hunts and I just don’t think they are done enough at parties.  They are so much fun and I always loved to do them as a child. So why not plan one for this party – it is very easy to do and there are many ways it can be done. First you must decide where you will do it – Will it be in your Neighborhood or some like to do them at the Mall. Once you decide that – then decide if you will have them gather the actual items or they can take a photo of the items using a Digital Camera or Polaroid (Obviously you will need a camera for each team).

Then you need to create a Check List of items for each team on what they need to collect;  For Example – A Q-Tip, One Sock, A Birthday Candle, Toilet Paper Roll, A 2003 Penny (or a Penny with the year the birthday child was born) etc… Then you may want to add on some not so easy items like – Red Lipstick, Black Shoelace etc… If you are doing your hunt in a mall then adjust the items;  For Example – Blue Hanger, Business Card with the name John, Purple String etc…

Set an amount of points for each item – like basic items are worth 5 Points each and harder to find items are 10 Points each. Then decide on your time limit for the hunt and provide each team a Watch or Stop Watch on a Necklace one of them will wear.  White Rabbit always says ” Don’t be Late, Don’t be Late.”  So for every 5 minutes a Team is late they lose 5 Points.

NOTE: If the kids are young make sure to have each team accompanied by an adult. Make sure the kids know to use their manners and be polite – The White Queen would like that.  And be sure to lay out all the rules before the teams start the hunt. Like they cannot go to the same place a team has already been. Have fun with it !!!

Red Queen Says – The Red Queen/Queen of Hearts can be so demanding and you must follow what she says or “Off with your Head.” Well you will not be beheading any of your guests at the party, but they will have to follow orders of the guest who gets to play the Red Queen. Play this game just as you would Simon Says. Have one child be the Red Queen (Birthday Child gets to start) and have them come up with what they want the guests to do. Example; Hop on one foot, Jump in place 2 times etc… Of course if they give a command and don’t say Red Queen says and a guest does it anyway – they are out of the game. Continue until there is one left and then the winner then gets to play the Red Queen.

To make it a bit more fun purchase the Red Queen Wig and have them make a Red Lipstick Heart on their lips and be sure to have your cameras handy.

Help Alice find her way back to the Rabbit Hole –  Poor Alice is lost in Wonderland, but how does she find her way back to the Rabbit Hole? I came across this great FREE Printable Alice in Wonderland Maze that the kids can do to see how can help her find her way there.

This maze is great and it features fun graphics of Alice and the other characters from the Alice in Wonderland Movie. You start at the Rabbit Hole and end back at the door Alice came through, but finding the right path is not as easy as it looks. Print up a maze for each of your party guests and on go see who will be the one to help Alice find her way back to the door the quickest and taking the correct path to get her there.

No need to worry if you cannot help her cause there is an Answer Key to show you the right way.  My suggestion is have the Answer Key printed up as well so you can make sure the party guest who thinks they have it is correct. Did I mention this is FREE? I love FREE.

Slay the Jabberwocky – The Jabberwocky is the Dragon that is controlled by the Red Queen and the one Alice must slay.  So why not have a Dragon Pinata – or shall we say a Jabberwocky the kids must slay with their Sword (Broom Stick or Bat). So which guest will be the one to take out the Jabberwocky? And when they do there will be some big prizes waiting for them inside.

Ebay is good place to find some good Alice in Wonderland Pinata Fillers there is a mix of New Movie & Old Movie Merchandise and then mix in some Fun Candies.

Catch White Rabbit – White Rabbit is always running – so play a game of tag to play off of that. Choose a party guest who will be White Rabbit. Lets pretend White Rabbit is trying to get back to his Rabbit Hole and he must be caught before he gets there. Make a large Brown Circle from some Poster Board to represent the Rabbit Hole and place some where in your playing area. This will be where the White Rabbit must get to without being caught to be safe. Have the guest playing White Rabbit stand in front of all your guests ready to run. On go the White Rabbit must run and try and get to the Rabbit Hole without being tagged by one of the other guests. If the White Rabbit touches the Rabbit Hole without being tagged he is safe and gets to play the White Rabbit again. If he gets tagged before making it then the guest who tagged  him is now the White Rabbit.

Again to make it more fun have the Guest playing the White Rabbit swear Rabbit Ears, A Tail and even a Jumbo Pocket Watch Necklace for added fun.

Twinkle Twinkle Little ? –  You hear Twinkle Twinkle Little Star at the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, but it is never quite as we know it. There is always a play on the word Star and then a rhyming sentence to that which comes next.  So what you can do is to take some words and write them down on a piece of paper and stick in a hat. Then one at a time have the party guests choose a word. Then using that word – lets say it is ‘Cat”  they have to come up with their rhyme.  So with Cat it could be something like; Twinkle Twinkle Little Cat, Why are you hiding in the Mad Hatter’s Hat.  Kids are always good at coming up with some crazy things – so get ready to laugh.

Musical Tea Party –  Poor Alice she sits down at the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party and she really likes Tea, but she never seems to be able to drink it. Lets play off of that and have a Musical Tea Party. This can get messy so I would play this outside since water will be involved – or you can play without the water, but messy is fun.  If  you have a table then have everyone sit at the table – if not set up a blanket on the grass.  Now if you have plastic Tea Cups then that would be great – make sure to give one to each guest. If not then just use some plastic cups and pretend.  Mark one of the cups on the bottom with a marker or sticker – this way no one can really see it. Then fill everyone’s cup with water (That is their Tea).

Then start some music – Alice in Wonderland Music is always a good choice. When the music starts the kids must pass their Tea Cups by passing theirs and grabbing another. When the music stops have the kids look on the bottom of the cup – if it is marked they must leave the Tea Party. Now make sure to take away one unmarked cup and take your Teapot filled with water and fill those Tea Cups back up and continue until you have a winner. To make things a bit Madder at this Tea Party at any time have the kids switch directions in which they are passing their cups !!!! Tell the kids no cheating and looking at the bottom of the cup.

Catepillar’s Bubble Blowing Contest – We all know that the Caterpillar (Absolem) likes to smoke his Hookah, but I am thinking this is not something you want to introduce to the kids. Being he is always blowing his smoke around we could play off of that, but in a healthier way.  The kids can have a Bubble Blowing Contest using Bubble Gum to see who can blow the best and biggest Bubble.  So get some good Bubble Gum – this is the time you forget about that sugarless stuff and go for the real Bubble Blowing Gum like Bubble Yum & Bubblicious – lame gum brings lame bubbles. Then also have a ruler handy to get a better idea on Bubble size if you need to compare.

Let the kids have some practice runs and then when ready on go let the Bubble Blowing Begin  – give them maybe a minute to make their very best Bubbles.  make sure to have those cameras for some funny pictures of the fun.

Funderwhack Dance Contest – In the New Alice in Wonderland Movie the Mad Hatter (Johnny Depp) has a Happy Dance which they call the Funderwhack. It is a Funky Crazy Dance he does at the end of the movie. So have some fun and let the kids see who can do the best Funderwhacking. Of course you will need some music to do your Funderwhack to and nothing would be better than the Alice in Wonderland Movie Soundtrack. So get those kids dancing and having some fun.

You can have them all dance to the music together or have them dance one at a time with the other kids as their audience. You can even give them a Mad Hatter Hat to wear as they do their Funderwhacking.

Giant Games – Just for some extra fun and to play off when Alice is very small – you can have the kids play some Giant Games. I did a post on Giant Lawn Games that feature lots of Giant Over Sized Games like Chess,  Snakes & Ladders, Scrabble etc… You can also take a look at the Jumbo Inflatable Bowling Game which can be lots of fun too.

Now if you are going to do these type of games then How about playing a card game, but with a Jumbo Set of Playing Cards.

I hope I was able to give you some fun creative Alice in Wonderland Party Game Ideas you can use for your party. If you have any games you have played or game ideas you would like to share with my readers – just leave them in comments or contact me and I would be happy to add them on to the list.

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