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Alice in Wonderland Movie Birthday Party

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So my niece wanted an Alice in Wonderland Birthday Party and lucky for her Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland Movie was released in theaters at the perfect time. So my sister in law decided she would invite some of her friends and take them to the theater to see the movie. We happened to see it the second day it was out – so it was very exciting to all the girls.  Ok it was exciting for me as well – I was really looking forward to it being I am a fan of Tim Burton Movies and Johnny Depp as well. In addition to the girls the rest of the family went to see it as well – so we ended up with almost 2 rows in the theater just for us.

Anyway I wanted to share with you some details of her party to maybe help you in planning your Alice in Wonderland Movie Party.

So lets start off with the invitations. This is something I took on for my sister in law being this is what I do. So what I did was I created an Alice in Wonderland Ticket Style Invitation. I created them myself  using Photoshop, but I made it print out Giant since Alice is always shrinking – I thought it would be more fun that way. They were also printed on Photo Paper to give them that nice sheen. The kids really liked them too. No need to worry if you cannot create them yourself because you can also buy the ticket style invitations from sellers on EBay and if you chose the print from home option you can just print them out large like I did or the normal size which I believe is like 2″ x 6″. You can visit my post here for invites: Alice in Wonderland Party Invitations.

My sister in law decided to have the kids all meet at her house prior to the movie to have lunch. So the kids ate a simple lunch she cooked; some Chicken Nuggets & French Fries and other various snacks. This way they would have nice fully bellies before we left to see the movie.

The Table setting was simple, but yet perfect for the party theme. She had a Black Table Cover and used Solid Red Plates, Utensils & Napkins.  She sprinkled Metallic
Red Heart Confetti
on the Table and took some Playing Cards she had laying around and attached one to each chair. There were also plastic cups that had playing card symbols on them and streamers that hung from the ceiling with the same.  It was Simple, Perfect and Budget Friendly.

Below you will see some party supplies that are very similar in style and you can mix and match any of the items with solid colors.

Queen of Hearts Deluxe Birthday Box

I also created Alice in Wonderland VIP Passes for the girls the same way I did the invitations – in Photoshop.  I figured the girls would love to wear these to the movie and it would make them feel extra special. It was also part of their party favor they got to keep and take home. All I did was purchase some Heavy Duty Badge Holders

that held cards up to 4″ x 3″ and some Lanyards to attach to them. I designed and printed up my passes – stuck them into the holders and they looked great.

When the girls arrived we gave them each one to wear and they were so excited about them.  It really did make them feel extra special and the girls even wore them to school on Monday to show them off to their friends.  They are great keepsakes from the party. Again no need to worry you can purchase Alice in Wonderland VIP Passes

on Ebay if you are unable to make them yourself like I did and they can be personalized with anything you would like on them.

The girls are ready to go see the movie. Now let me give you some tips to save some money when you are bringing a group of kids to the movies.  First off set your party budget – movies are expensive and even more so when they are in 3-D.  My niece picked out only her closest friends to come to her party vs. lets say a party of 12.  So you need to factor in the cost of the tickets.

Now what about Popcorn, Snacks & Drinks??? Ok so here we got a bit sneaky (sorry Movie Theater but we all have to pinch pennies when we can). My sister in law purchased the large popcorn which comes with FREE refills and we then gave each girl a Popcorn Container we brought from home. We filled all their cups and filled the bag one more time for extra. For drinks – well we packed our own water and got a couple sodas for those who wanted it.  Then my sister in law packed up baggies of M&M’s prior to the movie and handed them out to the girls. By doing this it saved quite a bit of money and remember the girls were all fed lunch before hand too. So see we did buy Popcorn & Drinks – just not 100’s of dollars worth.

The movie I thought was really good and the kids loved it and stayed interested the entire time. The 3-D was the best part I think and done really well. So after the Movie  my sister in law took the girls back to her house.  Due to time restraints we did not play any games and it happened to be a really nice day out so the kids had some time for free play and took advantage of a sunny warm day which we had not seen in some time.

BUT I am happy to say that I just created a post with a very long list of Alice in Wonderland Party Games based off all the movies. So if you are in need of party game ideas then you are going to love this – they are all there for you.

So my niece opened all her presents and then the kids had cupcakes.  My sister in law frosted some cupcakes with Vanilla Frosting and added some Red Sugar Sprinkles and Red Candy Hearts on top, She did the same with the Chocolate Frosted ones just with less Candy Hearts.  I made the Alice in Wonderland Cupcake Toppers for her using photos I printed from the movie.  I cut them out and attached some long Craft Sticks to the back and stuck them into the cupcakes.

Cupcake Toppers are not at all hard to make and they just added a touch to the party theme. I used heavy Card Stock Paper to print them out and I also had them laminated so the kids could keep them if they wanted to.  If you would like a copy of the cupcake toppers I created just contact me and I would be happy to send it to you to use – There are 9 of them.

Of course if you do not feel like getting crafty you can find many Alice in Wonderland Cupcake Toppers

on EBay that you can have personalized and also some that are edible. So you do have many choices.  If you are looking for cake ideas you can visit my page I made all about Alice in Wonderland Birthday Cakes for ideas. I like cupcakes – no cutting involved and  the kids love them too.

Now lets move on to my favorite part – The Alice in Wonderland Party Favors.  Of course I took this one on for the party too.  So I did some research to come up with my final idea for the favors.  I like Party Favors that are useful and simple, not bags of junk and candy. So this is what I created and I will show you how you can do it as well. Not only is it easy, but it is BUDGET FRIENDLY which is always the best part.  Each Child went home with a Drink, 2 Cookies, an Alice in Wonderland Book, an Alice in Wonderland Bookmark and the VIP Passes I made.

So here is what I did:

First I printed up Tags I would use for the favors – I used a nice Metallic Blue Paper and printed up the words – Eat Me, Drink Me & Read Me. I had the paper Laminated to make them sturdier. I then cut them out and hole punched the ends.

Then I baked some Sugar Cookies and then Decorated them with Pink Colored Icing and Pink Sparkle Icing then I added the words “Eat Me”‘ to them. You can make your cookies to look any way you want – there is no right or wrong.

Now I made 2 cookies for each guest – I made the one that says “Eat Me” and one that had Polka Dots.  I then placed them in a Clear Baggie tied them up with some ribbon and attached the “Eat Me” tag.

These drinks are Kool Aid and the bottle shape is great. I had seen this idea done by someone else and loved it. So I took some ribbon and added it to the top of the bottles with the “Drink Me” Tag attached.

I then created my own Alice in Wonderland Bookmarks using Photoshop and printed them out and had them laminated to make them more sturdy.

I then hole punched them at the top added some ribbon and attached the “Read Me” Tag. I wanted the Read Me Tag to stick up so when the book mark is in the book it hangs over. Then I strung a Star Bead onto the ribbon just to give it a little something else – the Bead Sparkles. They came out so cute.

You can purchase Alice in Wonderland Bookmarks

on EBay where they have a nice assortment to choose from if you are not feeling crafty.

Then my sister in law picked out an Alice in Wonderland Book by Lewis Carroll for each of the girls.  There are so many versions of Alice in Wonderland and not all the kids have read the books – so it was a great choice for a party favor based on this theme. The other great thing is that there is a book for every age group and reading level. See how the Bookmark fits in the book.  The gift bag was just a simple Black Bag with Red Tissue Paper and had a playing card glued on the front and one on the back to match the decorations – so simple and so perfect.

So the kids all went home with a fun Party Favor filled with a Snack, Drink and a Great Book. It was the perfect ending and great to know the kids will be reading a true classic and maybe dreaming up their own Wonderland.

So Happy Birthday to my niece who had yet another Birthday Party she will remember – even if we were all a bit Mad.

Also if you are interested in any of the items I made; Cupcake Toppers, Bookmarks or Tags let me know and I would be happy to send you my templates so you can make them yourself – just contact me.

Click Here for all your Alice in Wonderland Party Supplies


64 Responses to “Alice in Wonderland Movie Birthday Party”
  1. AM says:

    It was GREAT!! and I WAS not even late!!!

  2. Eileen says:

    Awesome job Party Animal! Thanks for all the great ideas!

  3. Lize says:

    Wow what an awesome idea! I love the way that you made party favours for them that they could take home and use. It is such a special memory as your nieces friends will remember everything again when they use the bookmark and read the book.

  4. Thanks so much for taking the time to read my post. The kids loved it and had a great time – it was Simple and Perfect – you do not need to go over the top – just enough touches works just fine. All the girls loved their favors and most of all the VIP Passes.

  5. Jenn says:

    Wow! This party sounds like it was SOOO amazing! I am actually jealous and wish I could have been part of the group! I almost want to organize and adult version of this party! I agree with ThePartyAnimal-the VIP passes were such a cute idea! Fantastic!

  6. That must have been quite a tea party – fantastic ideas! I love your pics of the kids, and the written comments. They must have had a mad time. My eldest is only 3, but all these parties will come in due time!

  7. Thanks for the comment – Go ahead and throw an adult party – I enjoyed the party as much as the kids – lol

  8. bridgette says:

    i love the movie so much

  9. chandler donny says:

    really cool

  10. chandler donny says:

    its awsome!

  11. liz t says:

    Party animal your niece must have been thrilled -Can you please help me I do not know how to use photo shop and I am trying to stay on a budgetfor my daughters 21st birthday.She loved the movie and is going to be the mad hatter for her tea party.How can I make vip passes and invitations like yours.Her party is july 3rd,Ihope you will have time to answer my email.I also loved your cupcake toppers,how can I find these to make?I look forward to hearing from you,thanyou for your time.

  12. liz t says:

    Party animal awesome ideas.Can you please help me do the same vip passes and cupcake toppers I do not know howto use photo shop.Thankyou for your time-

  13. Are you still needing these?

  14. Are you still in need?

  15. Mickey says:

    So gonna have this as a Theme for my Best Friends Suprise Birthday Party!!!!

  16. That is great – Have Fun!!!

  17. Gbooz says:

    Do you still have your template for the bookmarks? I LOVE this idea and want to incoorperate it into my daughter’s party. =)

  18. emailed them to you – Enjoy

  19. Sandra says:

    Hello… Could you please email me some of the samples for the cake toppers… and another question where were you able to find Alice and Wonderland books for the party favors.. I live in Houston and for about 3 months now, I have been looking everywhere for Alice and Wonderland goodies.. even the invitations I could not find.. I hope you can help me in this my daughters party is next month and I am trying my best to get all that I need.. Thanks

  20. Kourtney says:

    Was just wondering if you could email me the templates you used for the invitations & VIP passes? They are absolutely adorable!!! My daughter decided she wanted a “tea party” for her birthday so we set our sights on Alice in Wonderland & your ideas for it have been FABULOUS!

  21. Cathy says:

    I love all your ideas for an Alice Party. I was wondering if you would be able to help me with the tags for the favors, the drink,eat and read me ones? thanks so much.

  22. Monica G. says:

    Hi I loved your Ideas My daughter is turning 3 and she loves the movie so we decided to make her bday party theme of Alice in Wonderland and I was wondering if you can email me the cupcake toppers, and the drink me tags. I would really appreciate it keep up the good work. thanks so much

  23. Betty Rule says:

    Would love to have a copy of the cake topper you made. I am planning a Mad Hatter Tea for my friends daughter.
    Thank you, Betty

  24. Brightmoon008 says:

    Hello, I am doing a Alice in wonderland party next weekend. Would love the cupcake templates and the eat me, drink me , read me templates. Thank you in advance.

  25. Diana says:

    Hi…I was wondering if you can email me the cupcake toppers =) Thanks in advance…

  26. Shay says:

    Hi!… Wonderful ideas! Could you please email me the cupcake toppers? I’d very much appreciate it! Thanks!

  27. are you still in need of these? I am sorry I did not see this I was out sick for a bit.

  28. Kim W says:

    Loving what you’ve done for the AIW party. My little one is having an AIW party birthday party soon and I was hoping you might send your cupcake toppers and VIP passes (love, love, love them) Your posting is very inspiring and I’ve gotten the motivation to make my little one’s party “mad” but then all the best parties are…hehe thanks for everything

  29. Dawn says:

    Love ALL your ideas and favors you made for your niece’s party. I’m actually organizing a party for my niece with the same theme! Would really appreciate if you could email me any templates you still have! We’re on a tight budget so anything would can make ourselves would be great! Thanks in advance!

  30. Bobi Jo says:

    I love the cupcake toppers and would love a copy of the template to use for my nieces birthday!!! Please email me a copy if you can!!! Thank you!!!

  31. Jamie A. says:

    Hi i am also organizing a alice tea party theme and was wondering if it would it be possible for you to send the bookmark and any other templates you still have? I’m not the best at photoshop

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