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Angry Birds Toys and Merchandise

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Angry Birds is one of the most downloaded iPhone Game Apps and due to this popularity it also now has a Huge line of Toys and Merchandise. You are literally going to start seeing these Angry Birds everywhere if you have not already. So let me show you exactly what I am talking about right here.

My son who just recently turned 13 is a Huge fan of the Angry Birds Game along with my husband, I am guilty and have yet to download it (shhhh). I had created these Angry Birds Balloons for my son on his Birthday and while doing some research I was amazed at all the Merchandise that is now available and coming soon. So I figured I would share it with you all being they make the perfect gifts for any fan !! So if you know someone who loves to play this Angry Birds Game then you may just have to get them some more Toys.

Update: Make sure to scroll down to see the section on all the Latest Angry Birds Merchandise Available and Coming Soon. I had to add that section due to all the new items – crazy right?

First lets talk about the Angry Birds Plush Toys

. These guys are beyond adorable don’t ya think? The Angry Birds Plush come in a variety of sizes from 5″ and up and you will find – The Red Bird, Blue Bird, Yellow Bird, Black Bird, White Bird and Green Pig.  Also some of the Angry Birds Plush have sound and they even have Mini Angry Birds Plush Back Pack Clips. Ohhh so many options.

BUT wait – Check this out – How about a Jumbo Angry Birds Plush


How cool is that?

You will also find a large selection of Angry Birds iPhone Covers,Cases and Skins available too. I have also seen them available for the iPad & Macbook as well. I also just came across some Angry Birds Bags/Pouches

for your iPhones and MP3 Players – I like these and may have to get one for myself.

Of course we all know about the iPhone Angry Birds Game, but did you know there was an Angry Birds Board Game

? Mattel will has released the Angry Birds Board Game called Knock on Wood. Funny how they usually make Video Games about Board Games, now it is reversed.  Game play consists of a strategy card game coupled with actually using the slingshot to fire your angry birds. Sounds like fun to me. Word also has it that there will be an Angry Birds Card Game coming about the same time – do not have many details on that one as of yet. How about a Angry Birds Dart Game? This Magnetic Dart Game looks like a lot of fun as well and with the Magnetic Darts no one gets hurt!!! OK well maybe just the Green Pig.

SNEAK PEEK of the Angry Birds Catapult Slingshot Toy:

You can also decorate your living space with the Angry Birds Posters

. These are just starting to hit the market, but you will soon see a large variety of choices in the upcoming year. Maybe there will be enough that you can wallpaper a room – something tells me this could be the case.

Show off your love for the Angry Birds Game with one of the many Angry Birds T-Shirts out there. You can also find a large variety of design choices on Ebay here: Angry Birds T-Shirts


Check out the Angry Birds Hats

. Now these would make great Party Hats or just to keep your little head warm in Angry Birds Style. I have seen quite a number of different styles of Angry Birds Hats out there in all the Birds and of course the Green Pig too. These would also be great to use for your Angry Birds Costume on Halloween!!! So where can you see the large variety of hats available to you including Handmade Angry Birds Hats? Where else – Ebay of course – Look here: Angry Birds Hats.

As the popularity of Angry Birds grows so does the merchandise so I will use this section for all the latest finds.

Here is what’s New in the Angry Birds Merchandise World:

Also check out the New Angry Birds Costumes:

In addition to all of the Angry Birds Merchandise I have talked about above I have also found Angry Birds Cell Phone Charms, Angry Birds Decals & Stickers, Angry Birds Jewelry, Angry Birds Keychains and so much more. I am tellin’ ya there are Angry Birds everywhere and it is only growing each day. It truly amazes me how much there is available and still on the way all from one iPhone App. The creators of this game Rovio have truly hit a Goldmine with this one huh?

The best place to find all of these Angry Birds Goodies is once again on EBay Take a look for yourself:

Angry Birds Toys and Merchandise

So check it out if you do not have an iPhone and want to play this Angry Birds Game not to worry. This game is now available for Download for your Windows PC – I just found that out while writing this up and I have downloaded it myself – Woot!!  Maybe one day when I charge my iPhone I will download it there too – lol.

Here is the link for ya:

Angry Birds Windows PC Download

You can also play Angry Birds on your iOS, Android, Palm, Symbian^3,  N900 and other platforms coming soon.

Angry Birds is also available in a PlayStation mini title for PSP and the PS3. I have also heard that Rovio has already confirmed that it was working on a console version of Angry Birds for Xbox 360, the Nintendo Wii, NIntendo DS and the PS3. Can you say Cha-Ching?

Another thing that I have read in my web travels is that there is talk of an Angry Birds Movie in the future. Another rumor is that Twentieth Century Fox and Rovio are uniting Angry Birds with the upcoming animated movie Rio. They also have a new game, Angry Birds Rio due out in March! AND Angry Birds may even get a Cartoon Series and possibly a Comic Book Series as well. Are they just rumors? Who knows, but with the way this Angry Birds game has taken off I would not doubt if they were all true.

Whew !!! That is Angry Birds Overload Huh?

Now take a look at the Angry Birds Balloons I created that started me on all this Madness:

FREE Printable Templates are available so you can make some too!!

As more Angry Birds Merchandise comes out I will definitely keep you updated !!!

Now off to play my game on the PC….


6 Responses to “Angry Birds Toys and Merchandise”
  1. ErikTV365 says:

    My wife used some of these ideas on our sons sixth birthday. I have attached the link to our party day if your interested in checking it out.

  2. Awww Thanks for sending me the link – That was GREAT – u guys rock and your little boys are adorable. I really enjoyed the video and I watched a few others – so cute.

  3. France says:

    I think the concept of this toy is really fun, and my kids certainly enjoy it although you need to be prepared to search around for scattered pieces if you don’t have a restricted area for shooting the birds. I find shooting toward a rug or on a table with a tablecloth keeps them from ricocheting all over the room.

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