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How to Make Angry Birds Balloons with FREE Templates

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Are you or someone you know a fan of the popular iPhone Game Angry Birds? Maybe your thinking of putting together an Angry Birds Birthday Party Theme. If so they there is no doubt that you are going to love my Angry Birds Balloons which are super easy to make with my FREE Angry Birds Balloon Templates.

So why did I create these? Well my son, who just turned 13 today as I post this, is really into his Technology and one of his favorite toys is his iPhone of course. He also loves his Angry Birds Game App (my hubby too). I must say I have not played it yet on my iPhone, but with all the hype and after creating these Angry Birds Balloons I think I am going to download it (lol). So anyway in planning for his 13th Birthday and his upcoming party I was banned from doing too much – he is a teen now ya know. BUT I could not do that ( I am The Party Animal for goodness sake !!) so I have created touches that I think are pretty cool with more to come. I just had to share this right away since I put them up today. Are they the coolest or what?

So to create these I hand drew each of the pieces for all the Angry Birds & Pig, imported them into Gimp to add my Color, Printed them out, Cut and Taped them onto my Balloons and my Angry Birds were born. BUT the best part is that you can do it too and I have made all the Templates I used available to you for FREE. I know I know I am just too nice. You get all 6 – Red Bird, Blue Bird, Green Pig, Yellow Bird, White Bird & Black Bird.

So here is what you will need to create the Angry Birds Balloons:

I decided to create mine on Balloons I blew up vs, Helium only because I wanted to put line them up across the top of  my Entertainment Center. They would also look great on Balloons filled with Helium as well.  So just print the Templates, Cut and Tape on the Pieces – That is it!!! Oh and a tip for the Black Bird – I added a piece of cardboard to that thingy on the top of his head to keep it standing up.

Here is how all the Angry Birds Balloons look lined up on my Entertainment Center along with my Appy Birthday iPhone Banner.

If you use my Angry Birds Balloons Templates send me some photos so I can share them here for others to see !!!

To see the entire Geeky Party Post visit here: iPhone Birthday Party Theme

You may also want to see my Post on an Angry Birds Birthday Party Theme that has everything for you laid out Start to Finish !!

Check out these Angry Birds Balloons one of my readers, 100 Percent Cottam, created for her son’s 5th Birthday. They came out great and love nothing more than to see my work being used by others!!

Crump Crew used the Balloon Templates and hung them from the ceiling with lots of Green Pigs for a Slingshot Game. They also created and Angry Birds Pig Pinata using the Pig Face template and covered a Basketball Pinata with Green Crepe Paper – Genius !!

Simply Jenna used them for their little one’s Angry Birds Party and even created a Golden Egg which hung about the Party Table – How cute !!!

One of my readers decorated their office space for Valentine’s Day Angry Birds Style !!

Loren used the templates not only for the Balloons, but to create these cool Angry Birds Favor Bags, now that was just so creative. Love that !!

Sueberry Lane posted the Angry Birds Balloons her and her son made on a snowy day stuck in the house. Her 8 Year old son was funny when it came to the Yellow Bird saying he must be a Triangle so he found a coloring page and created his own – awww  that was cute, kids crack me up.


4 Responses to “How to Make Angry Birds Balloons with FREE Templates”
  1. Jorja N says:

    can you please assist me, I tried the links and tried to download your amazing printables for this sunday and for some reason I can not download them. PLEASE help 🙂 these are the best creations ever and my son will love the baloons

  2. Meredith @ A TIPical Day says:

    These are great! I just used one to make a piñata! 🙂 I will post a picture with a link back to you sometime next week! Thanks so much for sharing these!

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