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Balloon Face Embellishments

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Looking for a fun way to dress up your Balloons? Well I have one way you can do just that and that is by using these Balloon Face Embellishments I came across from Etsy Seller Ry Creation.

You simply Download and print them out on either Heavy Cardstock or Sticker Paper and place these faces on to your Solid Colored Latex Balloons. Is that clever or what? Best part is that you can print them out as many times as you like.

Currently you can find Balloon Face Embellishments Available for Yo Gabba Gabba Balloons,  Sesame Street Balloons and Spongebob Balloons. I love Spongebob !!!

But that is not all you will find from this Etsy Seller – they have so many other creative Party Items available as well. One of my other favorites are the Favor Bag Face Embellishments – these are similar to the faces for the Balloons, but instead of putting them onto a Balloon you stick them on a Solid Colored Favor bag – Genius !!!

Ry Creation also carries Printable Personalized Party Invitations, Sticker Sheets, Cupcake Wrappers and Toppers, Banners and much more. I really do loves these Face Embellishments though – I think they are just so creative – Don’t you?

So stop by and check them out in their Etsy Store:

Ry Creation

Here is a small taste of the other Party Supplies they offer:


4 Responses to “Balloon Face Embellishments”
  1. Super AWESOME!!! I showed my 4 year old and she screamed YO GABBA GABBA!!!!

  2. Dora says:

    I need yo gabba gabba face embellishments for hanging lanterns. This etsy seller is no longer around. Do you know of anyone who currently sells something similar to this? Thanks!

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