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Barney Birthday Party with Baby Bop, BJ and Riff

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barney balloon

It is time to party with that big purple dinosaur Barney, but lets not forget all his friends – Baby Bop, BJ and Riff.  It has been a long time since I thought about Barney since my kids are older now and way past this phase, but Barney has not gone away and is still going strong. The young kids are still memorized by him as mine where when they were toddlers.  So for those little fans that love this dinosaur there would be nothing better than to have a Barney  Birthday Party Theme. So I would like to share with you some great Barney Party Suppliesand Ideas that will help you bring this party theme to life.

Personalized Barney Birthday Party Invitation

I always start with invitations and you can find some of the best Personalized Barney Party Invitations right on Ebay. There are so many great design choices available to choose from. Each seller offers different options – with some you can add on your child’s photo and of course personalize with all of your party information. You even have the option for printing them at home from your own printer which is great for those last minute party planners.  The invitation you see to your right is offered from Ebay Seller: cmsprints and they have over 6 design choices including Barney Ticket Style Invitations.

Barney Basic Party Pack
For your Barney Party Supplies such as your paper goods and  Balloons there  is a new colorful design that just came out and now features Riff the latest to the Barney Clan. The Barney Party Suppliesincludes 8 invitations, dinner plates, cups, forks, spoons, activity placemats, 16 napkins, solid-color tablecover, mylar balloon, 18 balloons (3 colors), curling ribbon (3 colors), crepe paper rolls (3 colors), star confetti and cake candles.

Barney Pinata

You can also find a matching Barney Pinata to go along with the party supplies. The Pinata that is pictured is offered from Ebay seller Brooklyn Party Supply and you can see Riff is on it too.  It is also comes with the  pull strings which is a great option for toddlers to avoid any injuries with the bat swinging, but it can be used either way.  Check out my post on Pinata Games and Non Candy Fillers Ideas and Tips.

Some Barney Party Game Ideas – Being this is a party for a young age group you want to have party games that are simple, short and do not take a lot of time due to short attention spans.

You can create your own Pin the Party Hat on Barney Game by drawing Barney on a poster board – color him purple of course and make some fun party hats the kids can pin on going along the same lines as the Pin the tail on the Donkey Game.  You can even print out a picture of Barney or use a Barney Poster.

Bingo Game

Bingo – You can play a fun Bingo Game I have found that features Colors & Shapes, Alphabet, Rhyming, and Numbers. That is perfect for this age group and educational – Just what Barney is all about.

Bubbles – If you are able to be outside make bubbles. What I would do at this age is fill up a big bucket full of dish soap water and lay out all kinds of wands for the kids to dip and make bubbles. You can even create your own bubble wands using hangers or buy the Bubble wands. Let them make bubbles and run around and have fun.

Barney party music

Sing and Dance with Barney –  There are plenty of Barney Music Cd’s out there – so stick in some Barney Music and let the little ones sing and dance to their favorite songs. I must say even after so many years I can still sing these songs word for word – is that wrong? Anyway – you can add even more fun for the kids by giving them some fun Inflatable Instruments to jam on.  Best part about those is no one gets hurt and parents will not get a headache. You can even play freeze dance – they love that.

Other ideas can be Pass Barney like Hot Potato using a Barney Toy or  Baby Baby Bop instead of Duck Duck Goose. Be creative with your games – think Education and have fun with it.

Barney Birthday Cake Pan

So how do you make a Barney Birthday Cake? Actually you have many options you can use a Wilton Barney Cake Pan which will give you your dinosaur shape and then you get to decorate. Do not worry the cake pans usually come with directions on how to make it look like Barney and it is really not that hard.

barney birthday cake

You can also choose an Edible Barney Cake Image and there are so many design choices – even better you can personalize a lot of the too. You can also find them available for both sheet cakes and round cakes. Oh and you can even find them to fit cupcakes.

barney cupcake rings

For your Barney Cupcakes – You can use Barney Cupcake Rings, Barney Cupcake Picks or the Edible Barney Cupcake Images. Then display them on a nice Cupcake Stand for a great display on your table. Sometimes having cupcakes for the younger ones makes thing a lot easier on us parents when it comes to cake time – so you may want to take that into consideration.

Last but not least is your Barney Party Favors  you can purchase the Barney Party Favor Box to match your party supplies and include one green striped favor box, Barney sticker sheet*, one glitter bouncy ball, one laser spinner, a glow necklace, primary activity book, and box of 4 crayons.

You can also create your own loot bags and choose from a variety of small Barney Toy Favors like Barney Stickers, Barney Play Doh Containers, Barney Punching Balloons etc…

Make your own Barney Coloring Book Favor by printing pictures of Barney from the Internet – add in a box of crayons . You can read another post where I wrote about How to make a Coloring Book Party Favor for some extra fun ideas.

How about my other favorite – send the kids home with some fresh baked cookies and a juice box so they can enjoy a snack later after the party is over.

barney chocolate Lollipop

I also found these adorable Barney Lollipops with Tags on Etsy for sale. They are adorable. Lollipops are almost 3 inches in diameter and approximately 6 inches tall. The seller can also substitute Cookies – Yum and you have the option to add a photo of the Birthday Child on the Wrapper as well.

So have a fun Birthday Party from start to finish with Barney and his Friends. Remember to Keep it Simple, Have lots of Music and Dancing and sneak in some Education – just like Barney would.


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