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Betty Crocker’s Cookies n’ Creme Cookie Mix Review

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hersheys cookies n creme cookiesAs I said in my review post from yesterday I had received a couple of Betty Crocker’s new Hershey Premium Baking Mix Products to review. Today I baked up their Cookies n’ Creme Cookies and want to tell you what my thoughts are.

To start off I have to say I was very excited to try these cookies – Cookies n’ Creme is one of my kids favorite ice cream flavors and the thought of them in cookie form sounded really yummy.

The mix is really simple to prepare only requiring 1/3 Cup of Butter and Water – add that to the powdered mix it forms the cookie dough.  The box said it makes  2 dozen cookies – that seemed like a lot compared to the amount of dough it made, but I made little dough balls on my cookies sheets and got 2 dozen cookies from it.

hersheys cookies n creme cookiesSo here is what I thought about these cookies… For starters they did not look like the picture on the box – as you can see from my photo and the one on the box. The cookies were very small and thin and almost fall apart when you pick them up.  The consistency of the cookie was kinda weird to me, hard to explain – like thin, light and crumbly. The taste was not bad – they really do taste like Cookies n’ Creme.

I think they dropped the ball on this cookie mix, but that is just my thoughts and review. I honestly would not purchase and make these again unfortunately. I was however very happy and loved the Reese’s Peanut Butter and Chocolate Cupcake Mix I reviewed yesterday. I may also try the other cupcake mixes in their new Hershey Premium line of mixes, but I think I will stay away from the cookie mixes.

Here is a look at the new Betty Crocker Hershey Baking Products:

Betty-Crocker-HersheysI am so gonna try the Hershey S’mores Cupcakes, Hershey Chocolate Cupcakes and the new frostings – especially the Almond Joy which I am very excited about and will go great on the Chocolate Cupcakes.

I feel bad giving a not so good review, but I am honest. If you have tried these cookies and have a different experience please tell me so in the comments!!

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