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How to make a Bingo Birthday Cake and Cupcakes

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Having a Bingo Party and looking for Cake and Cupcake Ideas? Well for my daughter’s recent Bingo Birthday Party I wanted to have a Birthday Cake and Cupcakes to match the Bingo Party Theme. So I thought having a Bingo Birthday Cake that looked like a Bingo Card and some Bingo Cupcakes that went around the cake with Bingo Balls on top. So that is what I did.

Now I must be honest and say that I cannot take credit for the Bingo Card Cake, but the design was my idea. We love cakes made from our local store so I decided to give them my design and have them create it for me. It was just a simple 1/4 Sheet Cake and down the diagonal I added my daughter’s name “AMBER” – lucky for me her name only has 5 letters so it was perfect. I had them put red underneath the letters so it looked like they were marker with Bingo Chips. Also in the “B” column I did the same for the number”10″ since it was her 10th Birthday. Anyone can create a cake that looks like this, but I was lucky enough to have it made and one less thing to do for the party – lol.

The Bingo Cupcakes I did make and they were so simple to do – so let me share with you how I made them.

Here is what i used to Make the Bingo Cupcakes:

  • Mini Cupcake Pan – I made Mini Cupcakes so the Bingo Balls were not lost on the top
  • Cupcakes of Course – I made Confetti Cupcakes, my daughter likes that
  • Frosting Color – Mine were suppose to be Red, but came out Hot Pink which was OK – You can use any color
  • Food Writing Pen in Black
  • Large White Gumballs
  • Sugar Sprinkles – I used Red just for an extra touch

Start off by Frosting your Cupcakes. Now this is funny – I have been making my husband watch all the Cupcake shows on TV with me (Ok maybe not willing, but has no choice) and they are always piping on their frosting. So I wanted to give that a try – or should I say my husband wanted to give that a try – lol. So here he is piping on some frosting to the cupcakes.  Maybe next time I will be able to try my hand at it – ha ha. He did a good job though and he says he does not pay attention – hmmmm.

Next I took some Large White Gumballs and with my Black Food Marker I wrote on some Bingo Numbers. I chose to do it in just black, but you can use any color you want. You can even add a circle around the number etc… I just kept it simple.

Then just simply place your Gumball Bingo Balls on top of your Frosted Cupcakes and you are done. I added on some Red Sugar Sprinkles to tie in the Red Color from my Bingo Birthday Cake.  My frosting was suppose to be Red, but came out a Hot Pink – No Worries my daughter loved them.

Now that was almost too Easy !!!

And here is the Birthday Girl who thought her Bingo Birthday Cake and Bingo Cupcakes were Winners at her Party and ya know what? I think she was right. All of the kids loved them and most of them had to have a little of both. Smart Kids cause they were YUMMY.

If you have or will be creating your own Bingo Birthday Cake or Bingo Cupcakes – feel free to share your photos with us.


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  1. staci says:

    what a clever theme!! so cute!

  2. Thanks so much – stay tuned for the entire party post coming this week and see the entire party – the kids loved it.

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