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Bingo Birthday Party Theme

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For my daughter’s 10th Birthday Party we went with a Bingo Party Theme. When we were trying to decide on a party theme for her we tossed a bunch of ideas around, but wanted to do something different.  When I joked with  her and said  “How old will you be?” she responded “I am going to be 10″, then it hit me – B10. It immediately made me think of Bingo. So with her agreeing  I decided to put together her party based around Bingo and the fact that should was going to B10.

It does not matter what age a child is for a Bingo Party, but being she was still in the ‘B” Column was pretty funny and original to me.  The “B” Column in Bingo goes from 1 to 15. Kids love to play Bingo and really any age can play – there are so many Bingo Games out there with Pictures, Numbers, Words, Themes etc… So Bingo will work for any party.

I am going to share with you everything I did to bring this together, within a Budget of course, right here. So maybe with my ideas you be inspired to throw a Bingo Birthday Party for your child.  So lets go….

It is not easy to find Bingo Invites so I decided to create my own Bingo Party Invitations (I like to do my own anyway). I created these invitations in Publisher and started with a simple Table and tweaked it from there. Lucky for me my daughter’s name has only 5 Letters, so instead of BINGO – I had AMBER on the top of the invites. Then I filled in the numbers in some of the Squares. Then in the others I spelled out Party Time and added my other info in others like the Party Date, Time, Address and RSVP with Phone Number. I added colored Circles to look like Bingo Chips under the important information so it stood out. Then I created Circles (Bingo Balls) with B10 on the front and on the back it said Bring your Swimsuit and Towel, being the kids would be swimming. I printed it all out on a Heavy Card Stock Paper, cut them out and stuck them in a 5 x 7 envelope and mailed.

Our party was a long one from 3pm – 10pm – Yes 7 Hours, but the girls would be swimming, playing Bingo, Toasting Marshmallows by the Fire and then I had a Backyard Movie planned for the evening. So I had a day of fun planned to fill in all that time.

When it comes to the Party Decorations I like to make my own where I can – not only to save money, but it is something I like to do. Every year I make my kids a hand drawn Birthday Sign, they get to put these away and save in their Memory Box. So this year for my daughter I made a Giant Bingo Card for her. I just used some Poster Board, Red Crayon and Marker.  This was probably the easiest one yet.  This was also displayed above the Food Table at her Party.

If you notice I highlighted the Important letters on the Giant Bingo Card with a yellow Highlighter to look like Bingo Chips and of course I also highlighted the 10 under the B Column – “B10″

Here is what I did for the other Party Decorations. (You can click on the photo above to see it larger)

For my BINGO Letters: I took some Poster Board and cut out 10 Circles – I used a plate as a stencil. Then I put a letter on each one – B-I-N-G-O using a Black Marker. I did this Twice. I then took some Red Glitter Paints and added a layer of that to give it sparkle so when hanging in the sun they would shimmer. Then I gued them back to back. This way when they are hanging and spinning there is a letter on each side. I cut holes at the top added some ribbon and hung them from my patio awning. I also hung some Metallic Red Swirling Stars around the awing as well to add a little something extra. I made an extra Circle that had on it B10 and hung that up too.

I also had a sign that I made into an arrow that said – Amber’s Bingo Hall I created using Clipart and Publisher and printed on Heavy Card Stock.  On the back door was a sign I made saying – It’s Bingo Time with a fun Bingo Clock.

I bought a solid white Mylar Balloon and took a Black Marker and put on it B10 which I had on my Table in the center. Then I just had 3 Bunches of Rainbow Colored Latex Balloons I had around the party area. That is it !!! Simple Decorations – most of them all made and saved me tons of money.

I set up a Bingo Table for the Bingo Games out on my lawn. I used a folding table I had on hand and I rented some folding chairs. I really wanted a Bingo Hall feel so I wanted to keep the Bingo Game playing separate from my patio etc…

I also got all the girls their very own Bingo Dauber to use for the Bingo Games. I know when I play Bingo that I look forward to playing the cards that I can dab with the ink circles. So when I went to buy them who knew that most stores do not carry them any more. Being I went looking about 2 days before the party I was in a panic. Lucky for me I called our local Fire Hall where they play Bingo and they sold me what I needed for the party. So if you want to get Bingo Daubers for your party – order them online and save yourself the headache.

Bingo Game Time – First decide which Bingo Games you want to play at the party. Then decide if you want to give out prizes  – I say give out prizes because that is what Bingo is about. I had some Big Prizes and I also had a box of Smaller Prizes. Build up your prize box by shopping clearance sections in stores and sales. Try buying items that come in multiples etc… I made sure I had enough prizes available that after the games were played the kids that did not win could pick a prize so everyone walked away with something.  They even were excited that they got to take home their Bingo Daubers.

When planning this Bingo Party one thing I thought about was Lucky Bingo Charms and that the girls had to have some. You can’t have a Bingo Party without a Lucky Charm right? So the one thing that came to mind were those Lucky Trolls with the crazy hair.  So my mind was set – I was gong to get the girls each their very own Lucky Troll Doll. So where do you find them – EBay of course. Who knew that these Troll Dolls were now collectors items? Not me.  So it took me some time to find a Lot of Troll Dolls that would work and I won about 20 of them for $15.00 – not bad. So prior to the party I made sure to give them all a bath and make sure they were good and clean.

So during the party I snuck out to my front yard and hid all the Trolls around – in the Bushes, On Trees, in Plants etc…  Right before it was time to play I explained about Lucky Bingo Charms and Lucky Trolls. Then I told them they were all hiding out front and they had to go find their very own Troll and the one they found was theirs to keep and it would help bring them luck during Bingo.  The girls their Ugly, I mean Lucky Troll Dolls and now it was time to play some BINGO.

At our Bingo Party we played 3 different Bingo Games. The first one we played was iCarly Bingo that my daughter wanted to add in. This iCarly Bingo game I actually downloaded right off the website. It was a bit different because the girls had to answer Trivia questions about the iCarly show and if it appeared on the Bingo Card they got to mark it off.

They had a lot of fun with the iCarly Bingo and again it is FREE – Love that.

Then we moved on to a Flower Power Bingo Game which I got from Truly Bill-Eve on Ebay. This Bingo Game was also Personalized with my daughter’s name right on the card. For this Bingo Game the girls had to match fun Groovy photos in each column.  This was a lot of fun and the girls had fun trying to find the colorful photos on each of their cards. To Order These Bingo Cards or one of the many other Theme Bingo Cards Truly Bill-Eve offers you can visit my post where I tell you all about theme here:  Personalized Bingo Games for your Party.

The last Bingo Game we played were on cards I created myself. I made these Bingo Cards on Publisher and printed them out on Heavy Card Stock Paper Full Size for extra fun. Being my daughter’s name is only 5 letters I changed BINGO to AMBER. I also made sure every card had the number 10 on it – so everyone got that one which was my daughter’s age.  The Free Space was a hand drawn photo of my Daughter. Now for this game the rules were if one of the girls got BINGO they had to say Amber instead.

I also purchased a Bingo Game Kit which came with the spinning Cage and the Bingo Balls. Being I was the Bingo Caller I wanted to have some fun too and it was cheap and did not cost me more than $10. I just had to remember when I was calling the numbers that “B” was really “A” etc… That was not too hard. I must say the Bingo Ball Cage was fun.

The funny thing is – my daughter was the first one to get a BINGO on this card – she was so excited – it was her game and she won. Is that lucky or what?

A little later in the party after a dip in the pool I gave each girl a Scratch Off Lottery Game Ticket for another chance to win some prizes. I actually made these tickets and you can see how I did it here:  How to make Scratch Off Lottery Tickets.  They had to scratch off and find 3 pictures of my daughter to win. I had made 2 tickets winners and gave them each a prize. Guess What? My daughter won one of those too.

The kids really loved this – hopefully no one at the party will turn into gamblers because of me – lol.

I had lots of fun party snacks at the party including Snow Cones I made, which were a perfect treat during a Hot Day. The kids loved these – I offered 2 Flavor Choices Cherry & Blue Raspberry and I was surprised that Blue Raspberry was the one most requested. That is ok Cherry is my favorite so that left more Cherry Syrup for me.

Have you ever made Snow Cones for your Party? I am tellin’ ya the kids love it and it is so EASY to do. I wrote a post all about it here: Cool the Kids off at the Party with some Snow Cones.

Then I fed the kids all a yummy BBQ Dinner and after another dip back in the pool it was Cake Time !!!

The Bingo Birthday Cake was made to look like a Giant Bingo Card with my daughter’s name on a diagonal down the middle and looked like it had Bingo Chips underneath it. Also the number “10” was marked as well.  Then the Bingo Cake was surrounded by Mini Cupcakes that had Giant White Gumballs on top with Bingo Numbers written on them with a Black Food Marker.

You can see my post on how to re-create this here: How to Make a Bingo Birthday Cake and Cupcakes.

While we were starting to set up our Outdoor Movie, some of the Girls toasted some Jumbo Marshmallows at the fire while others went for yet another dip into the pool.

For the Movie Part of the party I brought out a Big Bowl of Movie Type Candy, A Big Box of individually Wrapped Twizzlers and a Beach Pail filled with Fruit Kabobs I made.

The girls loved the Fruit Kabobs and I think it added something extra Healthy on the table with all that Candy. Earlier in the day they had some Fresh Peaches from my Peach Tree and some Watermelon.

If you have never made Fruit Kabobs – I created a post to show you how here: How to Make Fruit Kabobs.

We set up our Outdoor Movie Screen and Projector once it got dark and by that time the kids were ready to relax and watch a fun movie outside.  To learn more about having an outdoor theater you can read my post on my Son’s Party Here:  Backyard Movie Birthday Party.

I also gave out a Glow Stick Necklace to each of them so they could see if they needed to walk around the patio or the yard in the dark. So the kids grabbed their Movie Snacks and enjoyed the movie – for me I got to finally sit down as well.

So for my Party Favors here is what I did. I created a Bingo Card similar to all the others, but this time I added Thank You on them and made them look like they were marked with Bingo Chips. I them pasted it onto some Kraft Gift Bags I had on hand for my business. Being the kids would be going back to school soon I kept my favors usable as I always do and added things they can use for school. This time of year you can find all kinds of deals on school supplies so I took advantage of that.

In each Bag I added in a Cool Composition Notebook (I found a bunch in new fun styles),  A Fun matching Composition Phone Book I found, Floral Book Cover,  2 Mechanical Pencils, 2 Colored Pencil Grips and for fun I had a Chinese Yo-Yo in each (I love those). In addition to that I created some fun Silly Bandz Necklaces for each of them. I had ordered a Lot of Rubber Necklaces from Ebay in multi colors with Clasps. I had collected a bunch of fun Unique Silly Bandz and even ordered some from Ebay. I sent each girl home with 2 Necklaces. In addition to all of that they each went home with Bingo Prizes , Their Lucky Troll Doll and their Bingo Daubers. I think they made out pretty well.

So that was my daughter’s Bingo Birthday Party. It sounded like a lot of work, but really it was not so bad. In the end it was worth all the effort beacuse the girls went home with HUGE Smiles on their faces and it will definitely be a party they will remember. That to me is a successful party. So next time you are looking for ideas that are unique for a Party Theme  – Try a Bingo Party like I did.

It was definitely a WINNER !!!

Now how will I Top this next Year? Hmmmmm

Here are some more Fun Photos from the Party, Enjoy !!!


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  1. lee marc says:

    Bingo Birthday Party Theme is so unique and I think its really fun.

  2. Thank U – I thought so too ;0)

  3. Simone says:

    What an amazing party! Wow, I have never heard of a bingo party so that is unique right there.
    I love the outdoor movie idea too.. I’ll bet the kids had an amzing time all round with all the work you put in! Thnks for linking up – I hope you add any more of your parties too… and if you leave a comment when you link I’ll be sure not to miss it.
    Luv Simone

  4. Thanks so much – they kids had a great time and will be talking about it for awhile. Now if they play real Bingo when they are older they will always remember this party and have a head start on what to do.

  5. What a fun, unique theme! Looks like everyone had a blast!

  6. Ajb says:

    At my house we do a movie in the pool. We have the projector on the porch and we swim while we watch the movie!

  7. Yes that is fun too – We have done that as well. The kids love it.

  8. Natalie says:

    I’ve been meaning to write you for months. My 7-year old got a bingo wheel thing from my mom for Christmas and wanted a Bingo party for her birthday that following January. I am not a creative party person so I desperately googled “bingo birthday party” and your site was the first that came up. I copied many of your ideas, including the invitation, cake (we did individual cupcakes instead but the result was the same), and decorations. I also ordered Scooby Doo bingo cards from the website you mentioned on your site. Not much luck finding cheap troll dolls but I found fairy dolls at the dollar store and we hid them around the first floor instead. I also found a package of tiny handled bags on Amazon and used them as their bingo bags (with a dauber). They decorated them with fabric markers and stickers I found around the house. Prizes were things I found in dollar bins. The kids had a great time and they were excited with all their loot! And I made sure to give you credit when asked how I came up with such amazing ideas. Thanks so much for saving me, since I never would have come up with two hours of entertainment without you!

  9. That sounds like a great party!!! Thanks for sharing with me!!! Glad I could help.

  10. Liz says:

    I love the invitation idea! Those are awesome!
    Get The Party Started

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