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Bubble Guppies Birthday Party Theme

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Do you have little ones that are big fans of Nick Jr’s popular Bubble Guppies Show? If you are thinking of creating a Bubble Guppies Birthday Party based around the show then let me share with you some fun ideas to make it happen.

First I must say that I just recently came across Bubble Guppies since my kids are now past the age of watching Nick Jr. (they grow so fast *Sniffle* – lol) My kids grew up with Barney and Elmo and boy do I wish Bubble Guppies were around because after doing my research and actually watching some of the shows (yes it is part of my Job for research) I love it !!

Bubble Guppies is absolutely adorable and the songs I must say are quite catchy and I bet my hubby will think I am nuts when I am singing them around the house since they are now stuck in my head. I love how these Fish Tailed Characters teach kids lots of fun things as they travel and explore the world.  I also love the look of them – they are definitely much easier on the eye than Barney was. Anyway I think this show makes the perfect theme for a Birthday Party and I am excited to give you some inspiration for your party planning – so lets Dive right in…..

Note: At this time there are no Official Bubble Guppies Party Supplies on the market, but that is OK because I am  going to show you lots of options available to you. When and if that changes you will find it all right here.

For your Bubble Guppies Party Invitations you can find a nice variety of designs including Bubble Guppies Ticket Style Invitations available on Ebay HERE

. All of the invitations can of course be personalized with all your party information and you will even find that you can add a photo of the guest of honor on them as well (How Cute !!).

In addition to that a lot of the sellers give you the option to print them from home so no need to worry if you are last minute party planner.

As I said above there are no official Bubble Guppies Party Supplies on the market so you just have to get creative. For your partyware I would choose solid colors such as Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, Golden Yellow etc.. You can find a nice variety of colors at

or even at your local Dollar Store.

To create an Underwater feel I would take some Latex Balloons in various shades of Blues, Greens or even Clear and have them all around your party area. But instead of having them up high I would add weights to them and have them around the area at different heights to look like Bubbles. You can even purchase some Round Balloons called Bubble Balloons

to create the same effect. Oh and make sure to have lots of Balloons on the floor as well – kids this age will have a blast kicking them around.

You can also take Sea Shells and have them on the tables and anything else under water related to create the scene – this party is a fun one to decorate, just have fun with it and use your imagination.

Check this out – one of my Party Peeps, Cute and Sassy Designs, offers a complete Printable Bubble Guppies Party Package. They will personalize the items for you, as well as, let you choose the colors you would like. You can purchase the entire Party Package or pick and choose Individual Items, it is up to you !! How cool is that?

Here are some of the items Bubble Guppies Party Supplies they offer: Invitations, Mini Standee Table Display, Large Standee Backdrop, Birthday Banner, Cupcake Toppers, Water Bottle Labels, Centerpiece, Popcorn/Snack Boxes, Loot Bag Toppers and more. In addition to all of that if your party is for a little girl they even have a Bubble Guppies inspired Toddler Dress to match – Can you believe that?

For more Info or to Order visit Cute and Sassy Designs and be sure to tell them The Party Animal sent ya !!

Bubble Guppies Party Food Ideas

The Bubble Guppies love Lunch Time !! Of course you cannot have a Bubble Guppies party without serving up some Goldfish Crackers – so be sure to have plenty of those on hand and they come in lots of flavors and even pretzels now too.

Some other Ideas:

  • Oona’s Turkey Sandwiches
  • Goby’s Cheese Sandwiches
  • Granola Bars
  • Trail Mix
  • Nonny’s Chips
  • Jelly Sea Creatures
  • S’Mores (like they have on their Camp out)  use Pink Marshmallows and call them Pinkfoot’s S’mores
  • Gill’s Hot Dogs
  • Bubble Puppies Puppy Chow (Dry Cocoa Puffs in a bowl)
  • Jell-O Jiggler Bubbles (cut in circles)

You can also find some other fun recipes based on this theme here at Nick Jr.

Bubble Guppies Party Games and Activities

Marching Band – You can have the kids create some fun instruments for the band such as Shakers and Drums. Have them all March in a Line and have fun creating music and Marching around playing their instruments. YOu can even have them use those same instruments to Rock Out  just like the do on Bubble Guppies.

Gup, Gup and Away – Play this just as you would Duck, Duck, Goose but instead you will say Gup, Gup, Gup and when you tap with Away then the running begins.

Bubble Bowling – Take some Cleaned Water Bottles and and a Ball (Bubble) and use them to set up your Bubble Bowling Alley. No need to keep score at this age – just let them have fun knocking down the pins.

What’s in the Backpack – Have some fun and load up a backpack with lots of fun objects around the house including Toys. Have the kids stick their hands in one at a time and try and guess what is in the Backpack.  Give each child around a minute to say as many things as they think they feel. Do the same with each child. When everyone has had a turn it is time to reveal what is really in the Backpack. This is a lot of fun.

Fishketball – Grab a ball and a Basket (Laundry Basket would do) and let the kids take turns playing Fishetball and getting the ball into the basket.

Pinkfoot Hunt – The Legend of Pinkfoot says that if you have S’mores Pinkfoot may come. Tell the story and start the hunt for Pinkfoot. Have some fun and make a trail of Pink Feet using Pink Construction paper that the kids have to follow and at the end have all your supplies there for making S’mores for the kids and say he must have gotten scared off and left the treat for them.

Bubble Puppie’s Bubble Pop – Have a whole bunch of Balloons blown up prior to the party (no helium). You can even stick small toys inside or Dog Bones that they can trade in for prizes (maybe real Bubbles). Toss them into a large open area and let the kids have fun popping them by sitting on them or stomping them.

Musical Bubbles – Cut out a bunch of Large Circles from Blue Poster Board. Have enough for each of your party guests. This will be played just like musical chairs, but instead of chairs they will have to stand on a Bubble.

Mr. Grouper Says – Mr. Grouper is the Bubble Guppie’s Teacher so they follow and listen to him. To play off of that play Mr. Grouper says following the same rules as you would Simon Says.

Kids at this age love the Pinata and I located this Bubble Guppies Pinata

on Ebay that fits the bill. Have some extra fun with the filling by using small bags of Goldfish Crackers, Bouncy Balls, Pencils, Fish Stickers, Mini Bubble Bottles etc.. this way you do not have to overload it with Candy.

Just remember when planning your games for the party that this is a younger age group so keep them very simple. We all know how short attention spans are at this age and you want to keep them interested. Have fun with it and when you are able add in some educational fun just like they do on the show.

You can also let the kids sit down and watch a show or two while enjoying some Popcorn. Set up your DVR to tape a few episodes prior to the party or you can download the entire first season from iTunes here: Bubble Guppies, Season 1.

Other activities you can do at the party is a Bubble Table where you have lots of different shape bubble wands and let the kids go free. You can see my post on Recipes for Homemade Bubbles which also features lot of great ideas.

You can also stop by One Charming Party to see how they put together this wonderful Bubble Experiment Station that takes ordinary items you have hanging around your house and turns them into fun Bubble Wands for the kids to try. I am in love with this idea and it is a perfect Bubble Guppies Party Activity !! I may be trying this myself (lol).

You may even want to consider having the kids Stuff a Plush Under the Sea Friend available on my main website.  You can choose from Plush Dolphins, Whales, Sharks, Clown Fish, Turtles etc… These are stuffed by hand and require no sewing and the kids can take their new friend home as part of the party favor. I will even match the Birth Certificates to the theme, just ask and it is done !!

I also love this Little Fish Shaker Craft that the kids can make at the party to take home or use during your Marching Band. The instructions for this and many other great Bubble Guppies Crafts, Printables and Ideas can be found right on the Nick Jr. Website so do not miss out. They are all FREE – who does not love FREE?

There is even a FREE Printable Bubble Guppies Coloring Book you can print and stick in the Favor Bags !! FREE FREE FREE

Bubble Guppies Birthday Cake and Cupcakes

There are many ways you can create your Bubble Guppies Birthday Cake and I have seen some amazing ones already done. But if you are not all about Cake Decorating you may want to go the easy route. You can do that using one of the many Edible Bubble Guppies Birthday Cake Toppers

available which just simply get placed on the top of your frosted cake and you can add an icing or candy edge around it. In most cases the sellers will even personalize it for your with your child’s name.

For me I am all about the Cupcakes. They are just so much easier all the way around and who does not love a Cupcake? So I put together these FREE Printable Bubble Guppies Cupcake Toppers for you. All the characters from the show are there as well as Extra Bubbles. Just print them out on Heavy Card Stock or Photo Paper, Cut and attach a Toothpick or Craft Stick and place into your Frosted Cupcakes. Does not get any easier than that. These could also be used for special snacks and treats Anytime !!!

Bubble Guppies Party Favors

I love the idea of sending Books home as Party Favors and this is another fun opportunity to do just that being Bubble Guppies is all about teaching the kids.  At this time there are no Bubble Guppies Books on the market, but that is Ok because any book would be great for the age group of your Party Guests. Pick something Fun and you can even choose a fun workbook as well.

UPDATE: Golden Books now has a series of Bubble Guppies Books

that will be available January 2012, but are available for Pre-Order.

Of course you can also send them home with some Bubbles and a fun wand too and maybe even some Fish Candy or Goldfish as a snack. Oh and don’t forget to stick in a bottle of water (lol).

I also found the cutest Bubble Guppies Cake Pops available for sale from Etsy Seller Cake Pop Shoppe. How cute would it be to let the kids pick out one of those to take home on their way out? I think SUPER CUTE !!!

And do not forget about all those great Freebies at Nick Jr. !!!

That concludes my Bubble Guppies Party !! I hope I gave you some inspiration and ideas to make a fun day for your little one. After watching these shows to get my inspiration for this post I will have many of their songs stuck in my head ” Bubble Guppies, Bubble Bubble Guppies” (lol)

Stay Tuned Parents because I am sure there will be plenty of Bubble Guppies Toys and Merchandise coming soon….

Feel free to share your Bubble Guppies Party with me so I can share it all the other parents singing these songs day in and day out with their kids and give them even more ideas !!

Going on right now until September 12th I am Giving away a 4 Foot Tall Bubble Guppies Pinata and it is FREE to Enter !!!

Click on the Photo Below to find out all the details and your chance to Win !!!


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  1. Kayla says:

    Soo cute!! I can’t wait to send pictures of my daughter’s party! It’s only her first party but she likes the Bubble Guppies (not too much, of course we don’t let her watch very much tv) But this gave me ideas, especially for the invitation! Thank you!

  2. Staci says:

    My little ones are into Bubble Guppies! This is a great post – thank you for all the super ideas! I’m thinking of incorporating some of these into our housewarming party 🙂

  3. Creole Hearts says:

    We have Bubble Guppies polymer clay cake toppers! Take a look.

  4. You can find the invites on Ebay and also Etsy

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    Lots of great ideas thanks for sharing.

  6. CJ says:

    Can’t wait to get started planning my daughter’s 3rd birthday. She loves Bubble Guppies and you have given me so many great ideas!

  7. Daisy says:

    when are bubble guppies toys coming out 1yr old cuzin loves them and i cant find anything that hasto do with bubbl guppies need something for christmas present.

  8. Not sure all I know is that they are taking their sweet time getting any out and will miss lots of money not having any out for xmas.

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    We just added the most adorable party favors for a Bubble Guppie Themed party, please check them out here:

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    Pls help I cannot find thee cake pops ,i tried etsy..nothing

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    this is a great blog, keep it up!

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    IT’S TOME FOR BUBBLE GUPPIES!! If you’re in the Dallas, TX area and want the bubble guppies at your child’s birthday party email for more information! We have full character mascot costumes just like the ones you see at amusement parks! Molly and Gil are available at this time. Email me if you’d like to see pictures of past parties and book your party now!!

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    Hi there..i just made some great bubble guppies centerpieces..find them on my facebook page..

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