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How to Create a Candy Cake using Candy

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I just had a Backyard Movie Birthday Party for my son and I wanted to do something different with the Candy other than just having it out in bowls on the table. I had seen and written about Candy Cakes a while back and decided this would be a perfect thing to do. A Candy Cake is just a bunch of wrapped Candies attached to a Foam tiered Cake Base layered up to look like a Birthday Cake.

A Candy Cake is great for any Party Theme and you can use any Candy you want. Some people match colors to their party theme and even do versions for Holiday Parties with Holiday Candy. You can even create your cake using Personalized Candy

– the ideas are endless and only limited by your imagination. It takes some work, but I was not surprised at the smiles on the kids faces when they saw this. After it was out on the table it was dismantled rather quickly, but I guess that was the point right?

This was my first attempt at creating one and I have learned along the way at what I will do differently next time, but I am going to share with you how I created my Candy Cake and maybe it will inspire you to give it a try at your next party – it really is worth the effort.

What I used to create my Candy Cake:

  • Candy – Lots of it still in Wrappers
  • Tiered Cake Dummy – I Recycled some Packing Foam – Explained below
  • Good Strong Tape – I used Packing Tape
  • Wrapping Paper to Wrap Cake Dummy

I decided for my Candy Cake that I would just recycle some Foam that was in a Box I had into my Dummy Cake as my base. Would I do this again – probably not. The good thing was that this foam was not Styrofoam so it did not make a big mess.  All I did was trace 3 different size circles from plates in my cabinet and then cut them using a knife. I had to piece some it together, but it worked.

So here is my Dummy Cake – Can you tell I was rushing? Again next time I will purchase a Dummy Cake rather trying my hand at creating one. I also had to stick a big Marshmallow Stick in the middle to help keep it all together – lol. At this point it was too late and I had to make the best of it. My other mistake was that I tried to tape the candy on to the base just like this and after the first layer fell off – I thought to myself what did I do wrong? Duh I forgot to wrap my layers. So I dismantled my Dummy Cake and wrapped each layer with wrapping paper I had on hand. This way the Candy will stick on vs. falling off the foam.

I am not sure my son was happy about the Zebra Wrap, but I figured it would be covered and it was Black and White. I also placed the Dummy Cake on a Lazy Susan I had which was not only helpful in adding the Candy on, but the kids liked that they were able to turn the Cake to get to the Candy in the back.

Now back to the fun part – adding on all the Candy. Again I just used Packing Tape and added it to the back and stuck on the Candy in layers. Have fun with it – create a pattern or just go crazy. MY Candy was your basic Movie type Candy since it was a Movie Theme Party.  The good part is that if you get tired as you create – eat some Candy for the sugar rush to continue on – that is what I did – shhhhh.

In the end it looked good and the Candy helped hide my bad Dummy Cake. Let me tell ya the kids did not notice one bit.

My Candy Cake was placed on the Table next to my Popcorn Cupcakes just before the Movie so the kids could come and grab what they wanted – and they did just that.

My Tips: Purchase a Cake Dummy

and Wrap your Cake Prior to Adding the Candy on.

A Candy Cake is also a great choice for a Candlyland Birthday Party.

For more Inspiration and Photos of other Candy Cakes you can visit my Page Here:

Candy Birthday Cakes


8 Responses to “How to Create a Candy Cake using Candy”
  1. Lupe Carrasquillo says:

    Last October I created my first candy cake. The theme was “Mardi Gras.” I used styrofoam discs. I like your method with the round cake dummies. In fact, this is the first time I heard of them. It looks easier using it. I will certainly will be purchasing them. I would love to send u a pic of my candy cake! How can I send u a pic of my candy cake? Thanks for sharing:)

  2. Lupe Carrasquillo says:

    I forgot to tell u that your cake was awesome! Nice work.

  3. Thank You – Next time I will use a better form vs. mine that was hand cut and a bit lopsided – lol

  4. You can send me a pic to thepartyanimal(at)comcast(dot)net

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