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How to Make Popcorn Cupcakes

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My Son just had a Backyard Movie Birthday Party and when it came time for the movie I brought out some Popcorn Cupcakes for them to enjoy.  I really love cupcakes at parties due to the ease of serving and how much fun you can have creating them. I had seen these done before and was excited to give it a try and I will show you how you can make them too. Popcorn Cupcakes are great for any occasion and would also be great for a Carnival or Circus Party Theme.

The other exciting thing about these cupcakes is I got to use a New Product called Roundabouts Cupcake Sleeves, which are now available to purchase on my website.  The Cupcake Sleeves, also known as Cupcake Wrappers, are the bottom part which makes the Cupcake look like a tub of Popcorn.

They are so Simple to use, self adhesive and come in many designs for all kinds of Party Themes and Holidays, but for this cupcake I used the Popcorn Tub Cupcake Wrapper. Just Wrap It – Top It and Go….

So here is what I used to Create these Popcorn Cupcakes:

Here are my Ingredients Ready to Go…

So I started by frosting my Cupcakes using Chocolate Frosting – NOTE: Even though the Chocolate worked, I think if I make these again it would be best to use a White or Vanilla Frosting with the White Marshmallows.  I was not thinking clearly and besides I love a Yellow Cupcakes with Chocolate Frosting – lol. Next you are going to place the Mini Marshmallows on the top. I went around the sides and then filled the middle.  I also used a little water on the top of the marshmallows to stick some more on top to give it more height.

Then I took my Popcorn Tub Cupcake Sleeve and removed the backing and wrapped my Cupcake. That Simple – now to make 17 more.

I was so excited to use my new Popcorn Tub Sleeves that I forgot it is best to Wrap the Cupcake first then Top with your Toppings – so I switched mid way to this method. Either way works, but I wanted to follow it correctly :0).

Once all your Popcorn Cupcakes have been Wrapped and Topped it is time to add on some Butter. For this I took a Basting Brush and lightly brushed on some Water to the top. Then I took my yellow Sugar Sprinkles and Sprinkled away. Now I had Buttered Popcorn Cupcakes that were ready to go.

Here they are on my Cupcake Stand – Looking quite festive for the Movie.

And here they are next to my Candy Cake which you read about here: How to Create a Candy Cake.  The kids loved all of this and it was a perfect treat to go along with our Backyard Movie.

For more Information or to Order the Popcorn Tub Cupcake Sleeves just visit my Website:

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  1. AM says:

    The cupcakes …..WERE so…Yummy!

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