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Dinosaur Train Birthday Party Theme

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If you have a child who is a fan of the PBS Show Dinosaur Train they may be asking to have a Dinosaur Train Birthday Party Theme for their special Day.  I am going to give you lots of fun ideas to help you with your planning right here.

I love educational TV Shows for the young ones and this is yet another show I wish was around when my kids were young. Combining Dinosaurs and Trains into one show was genius !! This theme is perfect for a party !! So hop on board the Party Train for some fun ideas and inspiration for your little ones special day.

Lets start with the invitations. I have found a great selection of Dinosaur Train Party Invitations

available on Ebay. All of the invites can be personalized with your party information and a lot of sellers will also give you the option of printing them from home – which not only saves on money, but is great for all you last minute party planners.

You will find invitations that add your child’s photo like the one pictured to the right – how cute is that with them in the train? And you can even find Dinosaur Train Ticket Style Invitations are available too.

When it comes to your party goods you will be happy to know they have finally released Official Dinosaur Train Party Supplies. Add some matching colored Balloon bouquets and add in the Mylar Buddy Balloon in the middle. You can also create some Dinosaur Footprints to have around the party area as well.  Just get some poster board and cut some out and tape on the floor. These can also be used for Party Games which I will talk more about below.

If you have any toy trains in the house you can set them up on the table as part of your centerpiece. Or you can buy the Toy Dinosaur Train Set

to use that will also be a fun gift for your child to play with after the party.

When it comes to your Dinosaur Party Food have some fun with it, but make sure you have foods you know the kids will eat.  With the young kids have foods that are familiar, but you can have fun with labels to change things up. You can even split the food table and have a Carnivore Section for all your meats, Herbivore Section for all your Veggies and a Grazing Section for all your other snacks.

It may also be a lot of fun to have your child dress up in one of the Dinosaur Train Costumes to greet the part guests – now what a fun surprise that would be !!

When planning your Games and Activities always keep in mind your age group. Being this party will be for preschool age be sure to have games and activities that are EASY to follow and quick.

Another fun idea you may want to consider is having your Games & Activities as Stations/Stops on the Dinosaur Train. You can have different areas of your party area set up and ready to play a game or do an activity and the kids must ride the train to get there. You can be the conductor and lead them in line to the next area. Add to the fun and wear a Conductors Hat and blow a Train Whistle !!

The Conductor Says – Play The Conductor says as you would Simon Says, but change things up and have them do things like Roar like a Dinosaur, Stomp, Flap their arms like a Pteranodon, Show their T-Rex Teeth, Pull the Train Bell etc…

Dinosaur Train Freeze Dance – Play some music or better yet purchase the Dinosaur Train Music CD

and have the kids do their best Dinosaur Moves while the music is playing and when you stop the music they must Freeze in place.  If anyone is caught moving they sit out and you continue playing until you have only one Dinosaur/Child left.

Dinosaur Egg Balloon Hatch – Prior to the party Blow up a bunch of balloons and stick a small Plastic Dinosaur Train Collectible Toy

in each one. When ready to play toss all the Balloons/Dinosaur Eggs on the floor and let the kids have fun Popping them and hatching the Dinosaur by sitting on them or Stomping on then till they Pop.  You can have multiples or have each guest pick just one to be sure all the kids get to Hatch a Dinosaur.

Dino Bowling – Take 10 Empty 2 Liter Soda Bottles cleaned and print out these FREE Printable Dinosaur Train Dino Bowling Labels I have created and tape them onto each of the bottles. Then just set them up and let them bowl. You can use any light ball you have on hand, but it would be even more fun if you have a Jumbo Plastic Egg on hand that you can turn into a Dino Egg. You can usually find them around Easter time in your local crafts stores.

Musical Dinosaur Prints – Take poster board and cut out some large Dinosaur Footprints so you have one set less then the total of party guests at the party. When it is time to play lay them out on the floor. Then turn on some music and have the kids run around the Footprints, when the music stops the guest who is not on a set of Footprints is out. Then remove a set and continue the game until only one player is left.

Dinosaur Train Bingo – Kids love Bingo and I have created a FREE Printable Dinosaur Train Bingo Game for 12 you can print out. Or if you have 6 or less kids at the party you can purchase the Dinosaur Train Big Roll Bingo Game

to use at the party.

There are plenty of other Fun Dinosaur Train Games available to purchase if you have a smaller group of kids at the party such as the Dinosaur Train Pop n Race Game, Dinosaur Train make a Match with Figure, Dinosaur Train All Aboard Game, Dinosaur Train Fun with Numbers Game, Dinosaur Train Dino Fun Buddy just to name a few – all of these and more are available here on Amazon


Another fun activity for your Dinosaur Train Party and perfect for this age group is to let them Stuff a Plush Dinosaur. These are available on my main website: The Party Animal. The kids get to stuff these 16″ Plush Dinosaurs by hand to take home as their party favors. Kids this age LOVE this activity and you can also add on a T-Shirt they can decorate with Fabric Markers or a Special Outfit for their new friends.

All you do is choose the Plush Dinosaurs you would like at the party and each Kit comes with the Plush, Stuffing, Custom Birth Certificate, Wishing Star and Directions – there is NO Sewing required !!

Also take advantage of all the FREE Dinosaur Train Printables available on the Dinosaur Train Website. You will find Dinosaur Train Coloring Pages, Activity Sheets and even fun Lesson Plans under the For Teachers section. FREE is a good thing !!

Oh and I almost forgot – another fun activity you may want to consider is the Dinosaur Train Poop – Dino Poop

, I know I know sounds gross, but kids like gross. It is basically like a PlayDoh aka pile of poop,  each container will have 1 set of bones/plants or both. The kids dig into the poop to see what heir Dino ate and then they can use those items and make imprints with what they have found. This can also go home with them as part of their party favor.

For your Dinosaur Train Birthday Cake here are a few Easy options you can go with. You can choose to purchase the Dinosaur Train Cake Decorating Kit

(pictured to left), a Dinosaur Train Tiny and Buddy Edible Icing Cake Topper and even top your cake with one of the many Dinosaur Train Toys available.

Or you can create a Dinosaur Cake using Wilton’s Dinosaur Cake Pan and by using Orange Frosting you can make a Buddy Cake. I really like this option for the cake and it is not at all hard to do and of course when you buy the pan all the directions are included.

But if you are more a Cupcake Fan like me there are some EASY options for those as well. You will find Dinosaur Train Cupcake Rings

available which are really cute and the kids can lick the frosting off, put them on and take them home.

I have also created these FREE Printable Dinosaur Train Cupcake Toppers you can print out and use on top of your baked and frosted Cupcakes. Just Print on Card Stock, Cut and attach a Toothpick or Craft Stick to the back and stick into your Cupcakes. I have made 12 different designs featuring the Dinosaur Train Characters and you are free to print as many as you like !!! I did say FREE right?

Now lets talk about your Dinosaur Train Party Favors.  One of my favorite finds are these Handmade Dinosaur Train Party Favor Bags available from Etsy Seller Cherished Blessings. These are handcrafted paper bags and card stock. They measure roughly 10″ X 5 1/4″ X 3 1/2″. Are they the cutest things ever? I love them !!

Here are some ideas on what to put inside of them. I love sending the kids home with Books and you can find many Dinosaur Train Books

out there that are a perfect favor to send home and they are affordable. You can add in a Juice Box and some Fresh Baked Dinosaur Cookies so the kids have a good read and a snack to enjoy when they get home.

In addition to that you can also add in one of the Dinosaur Train Egg Hatchers

and a Train Whistle and you are good to go !!

Hopefully I was able to inspire you with these ideas for your Dinosaur Train Party and if you have some you think I should add on just Contact Me and I would be happy to do so.

Also if you are wanting to add in some Volcanos to the party check out my posts on How to Make a Paper Mache Volcano and How to Make a Volcano Cake – I did both of these for my son’s party many years ago and have tutorials for each.

Have a Great Prehistoric Party !!!


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    Omg! This is amazing thank you for the ideas and the free prints. A lot of this will be perfect for my sons birthday party. I was getting disappointed because a lot of the dinosaur train things you find are only buddy they dont have any of the others. This is so great!

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