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New Disney Cars 2 Costumes

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New Cars 2 Costumes are out for 2011 to go along with the Cars 2 Movie in theaters as of June 24th. Kids are going to love the variety of designs available to chose from too.

The Cars 2 Costume lineis adorable and I know these are going to be a HUGE hit with the boys, especially after they see the movie. Who does not love the Cars Movies? You cannot help but fall in love with these Car Characters and in the new movie there is a whole lot more of them to love.

There are two different Cars 2 Costume designs that are new. You have the actual Car Character the kids wear or they can dress up as their favorite Cars Character and sport some Muscles.

Here are the New Cars Costumes Available:

  • Lightening McQueen Car Costume
  • Lightening McQueen Muscle Costume
  • Finn McMissle Car Costume
  • Finn McMissle Muscle Costume
  • Mater Car Costume
  • Mater Muscle Costume

The Cars Costumes include one 3-dimensional Car and a cool Racing Hat (these are my favorites). The Cars Muscle Costumes includes Muscle Jumpsuit and matching Racing Hat.

They have some new accessories such as a Cars Headset, Mater Spy Gadget, Finn McMissle Spy Gadget and more.

You can order them all here: New Cars 2 Costumes

I also found these Cars Costumes on Amazon.

Now just remember Costumes are not just for Halloween either – kids like to play dress up all year long. I can see little boys racing around the house in these Cars Costumes and having a lot of fun – so why just get a costume to be worn for one night.

These Cars Costumes are also great if you are having a Cars 2 Birthday Party – let your child dress up as their favorite character for the party and surprise the guests. “Vroom Vroom”

For Cars 2 Birthday Party Ideas check out my post here:

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