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Easy Simple Valentine’s Day Cookies

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So last night I decided to make the kids and hubby some cookies. I had a roll of refrigerated Sugar Cookies on hand – my favorite kind since I am not really a baker.  First I was just going to make them plain and then said Hey why not make some Valentine’s Day Cookies since it is only a couple days away. So I went into my cabinet to see what I had on hand to create some with.  Lucky for me I had some basic things that would work for my creations. Now Note I decided to make these kinda late in the evening – I had received the call that my kids were going to have a 2 hour delay due to the second round of our snowpocalypse of 2010 – so I was good.  That is where the Easy Simple comes in. So of course I decided to document my steps as I went along to share here on my blog.

Here are the Ingredients I used to make these Simple Valentine’s Day Cookies:

  • A Roll of Pillsbury Refrigerated Cookie DoughSome call it cheating I call it Wonderful!!!
  • Red & Pink Sugar Sprinkles
  • Cake Mate White Decorating Icing and Tips to go with it
  • Cake Mate Writing Icing in Red
  • Heart Stencil (see below)
  • Of course some Cookies eaters are always good and I am never short on those

If you are having a Valentine’s Day Party, sending cookies in for the Kids Classroom or just want a fun treat watch as I show you Step by Step just how EASY these are to make.

Here are my Ingredients less the icing. Now the Heart Stencil I had on hand and it actually came from my Perfect Brownie Pan, but if you do not have stencils you can simply make one by using heavy card stock and cut out a Heart Shape in the middle using a razor or exacto knife. I love using stencils and Wilton sells a huge variety of them – you can see them HERE. They offer designs for all kinds of occasions.

Prepare your Cookie Sheet – no need to spray. This is also a good time to pre-heat your oven. Then slice your Sugar Cookies from the roll. Now I always stick my roll into the freezer for a bit because it really helps with cutting them evenly and not having them stick to your fingers. When I feel it is getting sticky I stick it back in again for a few and then continue.

Next I took a cookie and put on a plate to decorate with the Sugar Sprinkles. I then laid the stencil on top of the cookie and carefully sprinkled the Sugar Sprinkles inside the Heart. I did use my finger to spread them around to fill it nicely. Then carefully remove the stencil and try to avoid dumping the excess on the cookie. Easy so far right?

Then carefully take your cookie from your plate and place on your cookie sheet. Make sure to leave enough room between the cookie cause they grow. Now they are ready for the oven.

Time to bake and the waiting begins….. Follow directions on package – mine said 10 minutes, but I watched cause we do not like burnt cookies. While you wait you can snack on some of the left over cookie dough you set aside – Did I say that?

Once the cookies are baked let them cool for a bit before going further. Then what I did was outline the Sugar Heart with the Red Writing Icing. Just added a nice touch and a more finished look.

Now using the White Decorating Icing you can some Conversation. Just like the Conversation Hearts we love so much. Think of some fun things to write. You can really have some fun with this part of the decorating – keep in mind your audience – lol.

Here are mine – Are they cute or What? Now it is time to plate them all up for a Fun Valentine Cookie presentation.

Ta Da!!! Underneath my Red Heart Cookies I had baked some cookies and did the Heart Stencil using Pink Sugar Sprinkles, but did not outline those – they were just for some added color. I also took some Conversation Hearts and sprinkled them onto the plate for fun. There you have it Easy Simple Valentine’s Day Cookies that take hardly any time to make, but look so cute. Oh and let me mention they were really YUMMY especially with a big glass of ice cold Milk.

The kids and hubby LOVED them and isn’t Valentine’s Day all about love?

Here are some Cute Valentine’s Day Party Supplies to go perfectly with your cookies:


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