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Fire Truck Birthday Party Theme

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fireman birthday party

A perfect party for any little boy or girl is a Firefighter Birthday Party Theme.  There are lots or great ideas and supplies to go along with this theme so lets get FIRED up as I show you some of them right here. I will walk you through some great ideas for your party and some unique items that will help with your party planning.

Fire truck birthday party invitation

First lets get started off with some Personalized Fire Truck Birthday Party InvitationsYou can find a great selection of choices on Ebay where the sellers let you personalize them and on some designs you can add your child’s photo and even have the option to print them at home.  In addition to the  Fire Truck Party Invitations  a lot of the sellers  like Simply Beeutful Designzalso provide matching Crayon Box Labels, Candy Wrappers, Bubble Wrappers, Stickers and Thank You cards.

Fire Trucks Deluxe Party Pack
When it comes to the Fire Truck Paper Goods you can also find a variety of design choices here as well.  I really like the Fire Shirt Plates as you see in the photo in the top left. You can mix them with some fun Fire Truck Plates available in my party store. Or you can opt to buy the Fire Trucks Deluxe Party Packwhich would include 8 invitations, dinner plates, cups, placemats, forks, spoons, 16 napkins, solid-color tablecover, 18 balloons (3 colors). You can add in solid colored Balloons in Red, Yellow and Black and  add in a Fire Truck Mylar Balloonto finish the look. Remember you can save money buy using a lot of the solid color party supplies and just add touches of Fire Trucks. Do not forget to gather all your child’s Fire Truck Toys from around the house and display them for more decorations.

fire chief party hat

When the kids arrive to the party you can have some Fire Chief Hats they each get to wear and you can personalize them with their names using a permanent marker. This will also help you to know who you are still waiting to arrive. You can also find Fire Chief Badges if you want to add more fun. Also remember these will be party of their party favors to take home. You can even have some Inflatable Fire Extinguisher around the party area so they can pretend to put out some fires.


Another great idea for this party theme would be to visit your local Fire Department.  This is usually welcome being the education behind Fire Safety is very important to them. You can call ahead and see if they would allow the kids to come and see the fire trucks and take a tour. You can have all the parents meet there and then go back to where the party is being held afterward. Sometimes the Firemen are even happy to play games with the kids like taking the hose and seeing if they can knock down a cone with the water on. So contact your local department and see what they would be willing to do. The kids would love it.

Stuff a Dalmation

For a great craft activity the kids can Stuff a Plush DalmatianThese are available on my website – The Party Animal and come in both 15″ and 8″ sizes. Each kits comes with the Dalmatian, Stuffing, Birth Certificate, Wishing Star and Instructions. It is a lot of fun for the kids to stuff these by hand and a great Party Favor for them to take home. You can even dress them in their very own Fireman Outfits which are also available. Do not forget your photo op – have all the kids together with their Fire Hats on holding their Dalmatians for a great Picture.

Fire Truck Pinata

Now lets talk about some party games.  Of course you can have a Fire Truck Pinatakids love pinatas. You can fill it up with some Fireman Related Toys like: Fire Hydrant Squirters, Fire Truck Stickers, Fire Truck Pencil Sharpeners and Erasers, Extinguisher Squirtersetc… Of course you can add in some fun candy too.

Firefighter Party Game

Some other cute ideas is the Firefighter Party Gamewhere you have a Dalmatian wearing a Fire Hat and the kids get blindfolded and they have to Pin the Badge onto the hat. Or if you are creative you can draw your own Dalmatian and play Pin the Spot on the Dalmatian. I have also found a variety of other Fire Truck Party Gameswhere you have to Pin the Dalmatian Dog onto the Fire Engine and you can even find one where you can Pin Balloons onto the Fire Truck.

Another fun creative game you can create by using cardboard is a Put out the Fire Game. To do this take some cardboard and draw a house with maybe 4 – 6 windows. Cut out the windows and color flames all around them and color the rest of the house. You can use paints, markers or crayons.  Get the kids involved and even let them color the house. Then have some bean bags in blue. The kids will have to toss the bean bags which represent water and get them through the windows to help put out the fire. Easy and Fun for the kids.

fire truck birthday cake

Now for some cake ideas. You can make your own Fire Truck Cake using a Fire Truck Cake Pan and decorate with fun candies. You can also find a nice selection of Fire Truck Edible Cake Imagesand  Fire Truck Cake Topper Kitsin a variety of styles. The topper kits usually comes with a scene that would include some Firefighter Toys and Trucks to be placed on top of any frosted cake.  You can also use the Animal Crackers – Animal Shaped Cake Pan and create a Dalmatian Cake that would be absolutely adorable.

Dalmatian CupcakeNow if you prefer Cupcakes instead of Cake you can also find some fun Fire Truck Edible Cupcake Images. Or Personalized Cupcake Picks featuring Fire Trucks to stick in your cupcakes. You can even make Dalmatian Cupcakes by frosting the cupcakes with Vanilla Frosting adding some black dots with cake decorator. Take a Mini Marshmallow for the snout and then add a black dot nose. Give him 2 eyes and use a  chocolate cookie broken in half for the ears. You can even make a small tongue sticking out by cutting it from a red or pink fruit roll up. Then you can set them up on a Cupcake Stand for display and you have a great centerpiece for the table.


Now I would like to share with you some great party favors. First I will start with my favorite and that is a Chocolate Covered Rice Krispy Treat Fire Truck. These are available on my website The Party Animal. These treats are HUGE and way about 4-5 ounces each, they come individually packaged and on a stick. Each one is made fresh to order. The kids love them and they are delicious. You can take some ribbon and add on a Thank You note. You can see how I did it for my daughter’s birthday HERE. Also available is a Dalmatian so you can mix and match.

Fire Hydrant Cup (1)I also love the  Fire Hydrant Cup and they would make a great addition to the Rice Krispy Treat. Then the guests can have a fun drink cup with a beverage and be able to wash down their yummy treat. These cups are reusable and can hold up to 13 ounces. You can even personalize them with each child’s name using a permanent marker.

Fire Trucks Party Favor Box

Of course you can go with the Pre Made Favor Boxes that come  in a cool  Fire Truck box. Includes a toy fire truck, firefighter badge-sticker, Color Clay, assorted cookie cutter, a rolling pin with red handles, crayons, Fire Trucks coloring poster and a sticker sheet. I love the box which you can also purchase separately and fill your self.

I hope you found some ideas you can use at your party. Remember just Keep it Simple,Be Creative, Have Fun and Enjoy.

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  1. What age group do you think these great ideas are best utilized? The stuffing dalmatian was a brilliant idea, do you think you could also get the kids just regular dalmatians in a prize bag?

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