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FREE Printable Bubble Guppies Party Supplies

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Exciting news for parents looking to have a Bubble Guppies Birthday Party. Nick Jr. has just put up some FREE Printable Bubble Guppies Party Supplies on their website.

YES I said FREE !! I ♥ Free and I am sure everyone else does too. You can pretty much print out everything you need less the Plates and Balloons.  Is this exciting or what? I am sure at some point they will have Bubble Guppies Party Supplies that have the plates, but for now I think this is such a help for those looking for party supplies.

Best part is that they are really adorable too !! So lets give a BIG Shout Out Thank You to Nick Jr for saving lots of parents money when it comes to planning a Bubble Guppies Party and creating a show the kids really love !!

Here is a snap shot showing a small sample of what is available to print.  You have Invitations, Thanks Yous, Centerpiece, Hanging Decor, Banner, Party Hats, Cup Covers, Cupcake Wraps and Toppers, Favor Bags, Lollipop Riddles, Pin the Tail on the Bubble Guppies, Photo Props and much more including tons of crafts etc…

They really out did themselves and I am sure there will more added in the future. So make sure to have lots of Ink and Printer Paper and get ready to PAR-TAY! !!

You can print them all here: FREE Printable Bubble Guppies Party Supplies

For even more ideas and FREE Printables visit my Bubble Guppies Party Post by clicking the Photo below:


4 Responses to “FREE Printable Bubble Guppies Party Supplies”
  1. rebecca lein says:

    i like the yo gabba gabba boom box n penguin pinatas and of course gil from bubble guppies 🙂

  2. steph says:

    I tried pulling up the nick jr website for my sons birthday party. Everytime I click on the link it tells me that im officially lost and that the pagr has moved. It doesnt redirect me anywhere. Any ideas if they got a new name or where I can find more printables?

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