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FREE Printable Family Dinner Questions

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printable family dinner questionsSometimes it is hard to get the kids engaged in conversation at the dinner table, but with these Family Dinner Questions it makes starting a conversation much easier.

My kids are now both teenagers (waaaaaaa) and getting them to talk about their day or school is like pulling teeth sometimes. So when I came across these FREE Printable Family Dinner Questions I thought I would give them a try. All you do is download, print and cut them out.

I never counted how many there were, but it has to be over a hundred questions so it does take some time to cut them all out. I put all of mine into a recycled Chinese Soup container and used a glue stick to adhere the label to the front of it. I did my best while cutting them out not to read any of them so that when it came time to answer them I would be surprised too.

My daughter was so excited about these and could not wait for dinner that night to get started. My son, well he rolled his eyes – typical.

printable family dinner questions 2There is my daughter one night at dinner reading her question to ask and then in deep thought about her answer.

The questions vary in subject with some requiring longer answers and others that may be true/false or multiple choice.

We pass the container around the table and each read a question and then each of us give our answers. We try to keep it to only one question pulled per person so it will last awhile. And when we have dinner guests they get involved as well.

I have to say I absolutely love these and we have gotten into some deep conversations at the dinner table. I love the variety of questions and surprisingly my son has taken quite well to them and really gets involved. Oh and my hubby too.

A friend of mine who was over with her kids for dinner one night participated with us – they all loved it so much she has printed out her own batch for their home.

You can buy these too and as you can see above there are lots of different Dinner Questions, Table Talk and Conversation Starters available out there. Once I get through all of my free ones I will definitely be buying more and keep the tradition going in my house. I think these make gifts too. You can buy some or use the Free Printables and give them to another family to use.

family-dinner-question-printables-12To get your FREE Printable Family Dinner Questions visit How Does She and get printing.

Dinner will never be the same, trust me!!


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  1. Kevin says:

    Ha! What a fun and creative idea. My girls will definitely have a blast with this. Thank you for sharing 🙂

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