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Fruit Kabobs make a Healthy Party Treat

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I know when it comes to throwing a Birthday Party it is easy to just put out Chips and Pretzels on the table, but why not offer healthy options at the party. In addition to your typical Party Food I  always try to have healthy options at my own parties and believe it or not kids do eat them. I always make sure to have out either a Veggie Tray and or Fruit of some sort depending on the season.

In addition to offering Healthy options at the party  for your guests, having some fun with how you display them adds to their appeal.  My daughter loves her summer fruits so at her recent party I decided to add more of it at her party and decided to make some Fruit Kabobs.  It is Easy to just stick some fruit in a bowl, but there is something about having them on a stick that really appeals to the kids and draws them in.

I was inspired to make these Fruit Kabobs for the party from a recent post I wrote about iCarly’s Waffle Bouquet, which she received on the show as a Birthday present. Within a bunch of Waffles on sticks were Strawberries on Sticks too. Originally I was going to make that, but being I was bringing these out later in the night to go with a Backyard Movie I thought it would be too much. I will make a Waffle Bouquet another time – it is a great idea for Breakfast for a Sleepover Party.

So here is what I used to Create my Fruit Kabobs:

  • Fruit of course – I used Fresh Strawberries, Blueberries and Cantaloupe
  • Wood Skewers
  • Plastic Pail – You can use any type of container for display

Then all I did was wash my Strawberries and Blueberries and cut up my Cantaloupe into chunks. Then I just added them onto the Wood Skewers. I made some with all Strawberries, Some with all Blueberries and some Mixed. I have to say it was fun to make them – oh and Super EASY. I decided to display them in a Plastic Pail (Clean of course) since it is Summer time.

You can use any type of pail or container for your Fruit Kabobs. You can also stick in some Styrofoam to the container to hold your Kabobs in place. Since this was a last minute idea for me I just added a plastic container in my pail for height along with some paper towel bunches to hold mine steady. Hey it worked.

Later in the party when it was time for the outdoor Movie I brought out my Fruit Kabobs and some Movie Candy for the kids to have. I was surprised that the Fruit Kabobs being next to a Pile of Candy were a Huge Hit.

The kids took a Plastic Cup and they each took a Fruit Kabob and some of the Candy and were good to go. And I felt good they were eating something good for them even if there was some Candy in there too.

Here is my daughter digging in and Happy, and to me that is what it is all about.

So at your next Party add in some Fruit Kabobs for your guests.  You can use any types of fruit you want.  For some fun options – Dip Strawberries into Chocolate or have some Fun Fruit Dips for the kids to use for their fruit – like Chocolate, Carmel or Yogurt. The ideas for these can be endless, but HEALTHY for the most part and that is a Good Thing.

Here are some other Fruity Treats at my Party:

I am lucky to have a Peach Tree in my yard – I am a BIG fan of Peaches, one of my favorite Fruits. Well my Peach Tree gave me so many Peaches this year – Thank You Peach Tree. So I had just picked a whole bunch off prior to the party and decided to stick them out on the Food Table. Can I tell you the kids went nuts for them and I was happy to know they were eaten.

And what is a Summer Party without some Fresh Juicy Watermelon? Although as you can see from the photo – I have a fun Whimsical Watermelon Stand.

So have some fun and add in Fruit to your next party. And when it comes to serving it to your party guests have some with with the Display to make it even more appealing.


8 Responses to “Fruit Kabobs make a Healthy Party Treat”
  1. AM says:

    KABOB”S are just FUN!!!

  2. LES says:

    My biggest concern with kids is that they could hurt themselves with the skewers. I would probably do this at a barbecue or at an indoor party with a chocolate fountain rather than a children’s party. I would prefer a setting with more adults than kids.

  3. I understand the concern about that and it was one of mine as well, BUT the kids were going to be sitting down to watch a movie and not running around with them. In addition to that they were all ages 10 and above. So yes I would do this at an age appropriate party or when they are all sitting down. You can also clip off the sharp point too.

  4. Fruit kabobs are the best. My daughter love it when I make 2 dozens of it on her birthday.

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