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Fun Easter Cupcakes the Kids will love

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I have been in the kitchen creating lots of Fun Easter Cupcake & Treat Ideas to share with you. I have seen lots of great Easter Cupcakes from many sources and then I do my own take on them and share Step by Step Directions with photos to show you just how EASY they are to make. So forget buying pre-made items for your Easter Party when you can create these adorable Bunny, Chick & Lamb Cupcakes instead.  Not only do they kids love them, but you can get them involved in creating them for a fun Easter or Springtime Activity.

You can also create these Easter Cupcakes and give them to the kids Easter morning along with their Easter Baskets as their SWEET Treat vs. all the Candy. So move over Chocolate Easter Bunny and say “Hello” Chocolate Cupcake Bunny.

I am going to share with you Step by Step How I created each one Chick~Bunnies~Lamb. Also let me note this was the first time I created these and I made one of each for sharing – so you are walking through as I made them for the first time – that is how Easy they are.

Here is what I used to create these Fun Easter Cupcakes:

Bodies – They are all made the same way:

  • Cupcakes – Flavor is up to you – I made Chocolate – We like Chocolate
  • Donut Holes – For Heads
  • White or Vanilla Frosting
  • Food Coloring – Yellow, Blue & Red (to make Pink)
  • Toothpicks


  • Coconut dyed Yellow with Food Coloring – For the Feathers
  • Mini Chocolate Chips – Eyes
  • Orange Jelly Bean – Beak


  • Large Marshmallows – Ears
  • Toothpicks – For Ears
  • Pink & Blue Sugar Sprinkles – Ears
  • Mini Chocolate Chips – Eyes & Nose
  • Pink Edible Easter Grass – Whiskers
  • Candy Dots – Buttons
  • Black Licorice – For line on Face (Optional)


  • Mini Marshmallows – Wool
  • Toothpicks – For Ears
  • Pink Sugar Sprinkles – Ears
  • Mini Chocolate Chips – Eyes
  • Heart Shaped Jelly Bean Candy – Nose
  • Black Licorice – Feet

Now let me show you how to Assemble these Cuties:

Start off with your cooled Baked Cupcakes and Donut Hole. The Donut Holes I used were from my local Grocery Store  – they seemed to be bigger in size vs. like Tastykakes. So see if you can find larger ones or the others would work, but they would just be smaller.

For your Chick Cupcakes you will need to dye some Coconut Yellow. Do this by simply taking some Coconut and placing it into a Baggie and adding some Yellow Food Coloring and shake it up really good. I show how it is done below.  Then you will need 2 Mini Chocolate Chips for the Eyes and 1 Orange Jelly Bean for the Beak. Now I cut a piece off my Jelly Bean to make a small triangle. You can do that or choose to just stick the whole thing on for the beak.

Take some of your White or Vanilla Frosting and add in a few drops of Yellow Food Coloring until you get the desired Yellow Color you want for your Chick Cupcake.  If you like Lemon you can also buy pre-made Lemon Frosting which is already Yellow.

Now to Assemble the Body. This will be the same process for each of the Cupcakes. Frost your Cupcake first. Then Frost your Donut Hole as much as you can while holding it. Stick a Toothpick into the Cupcake and then place your partially Frosted Donut Hole on and finish Frosting.

Now lets build our Chick Cupcake. If you need to you can click on the Photo to see it bigger. Make sure to decorate each cupcake one at a time while your frosting is still tacky so your parts will stick to it. Add some Yellow Coconut to the top of the Chick’s Head to represent some feathers. Then add some to each side of the Chick’s Body to look like Feathered Wings. Stick on your Beak and Eyes and your Chick is Born and it is sooo CUTE !!!

So for the Bunny Cupcakes you need some Large Marshmallows that will be cut for the Ears (see below), Colored Sugar Sprinkles & Toothpicks. Mini Chocolate Chips for the Eyes & Nose and some Pink Edible Easter Grass for the Whiskers. The Edible Easter Grass is usually available around Easter in your local Craft or Candy Stores. I got mine at out Candy Store. You can use String Licorice if you cannot find any or even uncoooked Thin Spaghetti (remove prior to eating, although some kids like raw pasta – Go figure). I like the grass because it is nice and thin.

If you want Pink & Blue Bunny Cupcakes then color your White or Vanilla Frosting using some Red Food Coloring for Pink & Blue Food Coloring for Blue. If you like Brown Bunnies then just use Chocolate Frosting.  Then Frost and Assemble like I explained above for the Chicks.

To make the Bunny Ears just take a Large Marshmallow and some Scissors or a Knife and slice the end off each side. Be sure to have a wet towel handy because it can get kinda sticky. So you will end up with three pieces. You do not need the middle so you can toss that or be like me and enjoy a little snack. Then take your slices and dip them into your Colored Sugar Sprinkles sticky side down to get a nice coating on them. Then stick the ear onto a toothpick. When the Marshmallows dries a little you can squeeze them to form a better ear shape.

Now lets build our Bunny Cupcakes.  Take your Ears and carefully stick into the Head. Then add your Mini Chocolate Chip Eyes & Nose. Stick in your Whiskers – 3 on each side and you can add some Candy Buttons to finish them off.  Now your Bunnies are Born and they look Yummy !!!

For your Lamb Cupcakes you need a bunch of Mini Marshmallows, Mini Chocolate Chips for Eyes, Pink Sugar Sprinkles for the Ears and Toothpicks. For the nose I found some Jelly Bean Candy in the shape of a Heart that was perfect, but you can even use like a Rolo Chocolate Candy or even a Brown Jelly Bean. I do not have it pictured here, but you will also need some Black Licorice to add in for the Feet.

Now lets build the Lamb Cupcake. For the Ears take a Mini Marshmallow and just cut it in half and dip it into Pink Sugar Sprinkles just like I did for the Bunny Cupcakes above. Then stick them onto Toothpicks and place into head. Then Stick on your Mini Chocolate Chip Eyes and your Nose.  Now to create the wool you will stick on Mini Marshmallows. I cut the ones I used around the face in half. On the body I used Whole ones and Half ones. Cover the front and the back with the Mini Marshmallows. Then I took some Black Licorice – I had some that was actually flat, but  you can use regular Black Licorice and just cut a small piece and then cut it in half and stick into the front of the Cupcake for Feet. And your Lamb is Born – this is the kids favorite – maybe it is due to all the extra Sweets on it.

Now that you have seen how EASY these Fun Easter Cupcakes are to make give it a try and get the kids involved. Not only are these great for an Easter Party, but would also work for any Spring Party or even a Baby Shower. Of course now that you have the idea you can change it up anyway you like and use any candy that you think would work. Have fun and if you make some feel free to send some pictures for me to share with my readers.

As you see on the Plate with my Easter Cupcakes I have some Green Coconut Grass and some Circus Peanut Carrots which are completely edible. You can see how to make the Carrots here:  Circus Peanut Carrots.  Dying Coconut is also easy see photo below. Everything is edible and it really adds to the display.

To make Edible Grass – You just need some Plain Coconut, Food Coloring (in this case Green) and a Baggie. Stick some Coconut in the Baggie and add a few drops of your Food Coloring, then Shake it up really good and that is it. So Easy !!!



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  1. What a fantastic idea and thanks so much for sharing. This will be lots of fun for my little girls this easter as they play around with different Easter Cupcake Decorations. Will post back here to share their experience too. Thanks

  2. This is lovely, just in time for the coming Easter, I will definitely link my cupcake stand website back to this post to share with my readers.

  3. They are amazing. I bet it took you ages to think up how to make each of the different animals.

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