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Giant Cupcakes are taking over the Birthday Cake World

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If you follow my posts you know I love Cupcakes and of course who would not love a Giant Cupcake. It seems these Giant Cupcakes are the new Birthday Cake. Queenvanna a fellow blogger was nice enough to share with me her recent Giant Cupcake she made for her daughter’s Birthday.

They are so easy to make and really make a nice change to your average Birthday Cake.  To make one of these yourself you will need the Big Top Cupcake Set

or any of the Giant Cupcake Molds available.

Then choose your favorite Cake Mix, Some Frosting/Icing and your decorations like Sprinkles, Sugar Crystals and of course some Birthday Candles.

The Giant Cupcake Molds come in two parts – Your Top and your Bottom. Mix up your cake mix and pour your mix into the molds and bake into the oven. When your cake has cooled turn it over and your Giant Cupcake should easily slip right out of the mold.

Now comes the fun part – Decorating. Queenvanna said she cut off any of the bumpy parts of the cake so they meshed well together.  Now place the bottom your Giant Cupcake on a plate and add some of your frosting to the top as sort of a glue for the top. Then Place your Cupcake Top on and you are ready to add your frosting.  You can do this anyway you like, but Queenvanna used Wilton’s 1M Decorating Star Tip

along with Wilton’s Decorator Icing to get that very pretty design which she piped on. She also tinted her frosting to get that pretty Lavender Color and added on some Sugar Crystals to give it some sparkle. Even though Queenvanna was not feeling well at the time she made this she seemed to keep a steady hand when it came to icing that Giant Cupcake because she did a great job.

Happy Birthday to Queenvanna’s Daughter who definitely loved her Giant Cupcake Birthday Cake this year thanks to mom.

As you can also see Queenvanna has some regular size cupcakes surrounding her Giant Cupcake with these Tinkerbell Cupcake Toppers

on them. Some little Birthday Girl is a Tinkerbell fan!!!

Again I would like to say Thank You to Queenvanna for sharing her Yummy Giant Cupcake!!!

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