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Giant Smurf Pinata from PinataCasa

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Having a Smurf Party? If so you may want to order one of these Giant Smurf Pinatas from PinataCasa and amaze your party guests.  This Smurf Pinata is Custom Made and so Smurfin’ Cute !!

Back in April I had the opportunity to do a review on an Angry Birds Pinata provided to me by PinataCasa which I was crazy about.  PinataCasa touched base with me again and asked if there was anything they could send me to review once again. Of course I am on this Smurf  kick with the new Smurfs Movie coming that I gave them the challenge of making me a Smurf Pinata. They accepted my challenge and I waited to see if they could pull it off.

Well, Fed Ex delivered a GIANT Box to my door within about a week and I could not wait to open it up and see how they did. I opened it up and inside was this GIANT 4ft Smurf Pinata that met my expectations in a BIG way (no pun intended-lol).  This Smurf Pinata was not only Huge, but absolutely the most Smurfin’ cute Pinata EVER !!! In 2 Words – “HOLY SMURF” !!

Now we all know that Smurfs are really only 3 Apples High, but there is no way you can fill something that small with Goodies. This 4ft Tall Pinata will hold up to 10Lbs of Candy & Goodies – Can you imagine? It is perfect for a party with a lot of guests or a smaller party where the kids will get to take home lots of loot !!

Of course being this Smurf Pinata is so HUGE you can save money with your fillers by placing bags of snacks inside – you can even make them Healthy Snacks to cut down on all that Candy. 100 Calorie Packs and Fruit Snacks are always a great choice.

My Smurf Pinata is a Basic Happy Smurf, but PinataCasa is so talented that they will make up which ever Smurf you would like whether it be Papa Smurf, Smurfette or any of the other little Blue guys you want. All you need to do is ask.

If you or someone you know is a BIG Smurf Fan like me – This Pinata also makes a great decoration for not just the party, but for your home.  My daughter claimed this Smurf Pinata for her room and he will not be used at a party at this point. My son still has his Angry Birds Pig Pinata in his room as well.

My hubby and kids know I am nuts over the Smurfs and yes I definitely am and fully admit it. So imagine my hubby walking into the room as I was dancing with this Giant Smurf Pinata – yes I was dancing with a Pinata.  BUT I am not the only one who fell in love with it when they saw it. My daughter went crazy when she first saw it – maybe also because it is almost as tall as she is. Then the other night I had friends over and my one  friend asked if she can do a photo shoot with him too. OK by now you are thinking not only am I nuts, but so is everyone else around me – Could be, but if you get one of these no doubt you would do the same thing – right? lol.

Now let me share a few of my other favorite HUGE Pinatas you can find at PinataCasa:

These are all 2 Feet – 4 Feet Tall !!

To see them all and to order visit:

Now here is a Bonus : Order any Pinata from PinataCasa and receive 10% off by entering in promo code “BFMOK3GW”

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