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Gingerbread Cardboard Stand Ups

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Gingerbread Holiday Castle standee

To go along with a recent post on a Gingerbread House Party I wrote I wanted to create one for these great Gingerbread Decorations. I am a big fan of all things Gingerbread and when I saw all these great Gingerbread Standees I had to make a post about them. Not only are they great for your Gingerbread Party, but they are great for the holidays in general. So let me share with what is available to you in Gingerbread – now this is going to be SWEET!!

These are not only great for just decorations, but also photo opportunities – take your photos with your Family, Party guests, Girl or Boy Scout Troop, Classroom etc… They are usually made from durable Cardboard or Vinyl and will last for years. So they are not just for one time use.  Just imagine the Peppermint Walkway, Frosting Covered Houses, Gingerbread Men and all the yummy Candy surrounding your home – it is a SWEET Dream come alive.

Click here to see all the Gingerbread Cardboard Standups Available


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