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Gnomeo and Juliet Birthday Party Theme Gnomeo and Juliet Party Game Ideas:

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The New Gnomeo and Juliet Movie is due to hit theaters on February 11th, 2011 and it is a perfect movie to base a party around. So I am going to share with your some ideas for a Gnomeo and Juliet Party as well as ideas for your Gnomeo and Juliet Party Supplies.

This movie looks like so much fun and is based on Shakespeare’s Love Story Romeo and Juliet, but obviously with a comedic twist. It almost reminds me of Toy Story with the way the Gnomes come to life when no one is looking. They say “Everyday they sit, but when you’re away their Adventure Begins”

I have always had a thing for Garden Gnomes so I am very excited about this movie. It also has a great cast featuring some big names like Ozzy Osbourne, Hulk Hogan, Michael Caine, James McAvoy, Emily Blunt just to name a few. In addition to that it also has all the Classic Elton John Music, now that is just cool. This is one I am definitely going to see !!!

In brief this movie is about the Gnomes – The Red Gnomes and the Blue Gnomes who are enemies. BUT One Blue Gnome (Gnomeo) falls for a Red Gnome (Juliet) and that is where all the trouble starts. Can their Love Survive? I guess you will have to find out by watching the movie !!

This Movie makes for a Great Party Theme and that is where I come in. I am going to share with you some party ideas based on this Gnomeo and Juliet Movie that I have no doubt the kids are going to ❤LOVE❤. Oh and probably me too !!

If the movie is still playing in the theaters, then take the kids to the Movies !!! If not that is ok too. To start the party you will need Invitations. Check out these Gnomeo and Juliet Party Invitations

available on Ebay. There are a number of design choices you can choose from including Gnomeo and Juliet Ticket Style Invitations. It all depends on what you are looking for, but they have them. All of which can be customized with your party information and a lot of sellers even give you the option to print from home – so no worries for you last minute party planners.

I love the look of the Invitation I have pictured to the left – it is available in both a 4×6 Size or 5×7 and it combines the Ticket right on the invitation – I love that !!! And you print them yourself – BONUS. They are available to purchase from Spencerville Junction.

Now for your Gnomeo and Juliet Party Supplies. There is nothing official on the market, but that is ok this theme is super easy. Mix up some Solid Blue Party Supplies for the Blue Gnomes (Gnomeo) and some Solid Red Party Supplies for the Red Gnomes (Juliet). Have some fun and add a Green Grass Tablecover for your table to look like a lawn. Now for the fun part – Decorations.

Time to go to your Garden Shed and find some Party Decorations. Try and use items you already have on hand to set the scene for this party theme. Being these are Garden Gnomes create an indoor Garden unless of course it is warm enough to have the party outdoors. Bring in your Garden Tools, Wheel Barrel, Plantings Pots, Potted Plants & Flowers etc… You can have so much fun with this without spending a lot of money. Of course you will also want to have some Gnomes around as well if you have any, but if not you can always buy some of those for the party and use them in your garden when the party is over. You can also add some Movie Posters and other items from the Movie that can be found here: Gnomeo and Juliet Movie Merchandise

. Oh and don’t forget to have some Plastic Flamingos around as well.

Gnomeo and Juliet Party Game Ideas:

Gnomeo Kart Lawmower Drag Race – Have some fun and race Lawnmowers – no not real ones silly, Plastic Ones. Buy a couple of Plastic Toy Lawnmowers – if they have them in colors get one Blue & one Red. You can always Spray Paint them if you like too. The fun part is that most kids will be very big for these, but that adds to the fun. Break your guests into teams – Red & Blue and set up your race !!!

Find the Gnome – Play this like an Egg Hunt, but instead of Eggs you hide Gnomes. Now Gnomes can be costly to buy so if that is not in your budget then print out some Gnome Photos and you can hide them in plastic eggs. You can also have prizes in the eggs or if they find a Special Gnome that has been hidden. Ebay is always a good place to find deals on Gnomes

or even little Gnome Toys you can hide.

Garden Vegetable Throw – For this game get some Plastic Vegetables from the crafts store and a Basket. Mark numbers on the Vegetables and have each child take a turn at seeing how many they can throw into the Basket. Then add up the numbers for their total that made it in. If there is a Tie then there is a showdown. Keep playing until you have a winner.

Gnome Fish Whisperer – Gnome’s like to fish and that is what some of them do in the movie. So create a simple Fishing Game by creating Fish from Cardstock Paper and add a paper clip to the ends. Take a Pole or Stick and tie on some string with a Magnet on the end. You can create a bunch of Fish that are numbered. Then one at a time or even two at a time (if you make multiple poles)  let the kids go fishing. I created a fishing game for another party you can see HERE.

Pass the Orchid – The Orchid is a flower that bring together Gnomeo and Juliet, but you can use any flower for this game –  A Silk Flower is a prefect choice. You play this just as you would Hot Potato, but instead of the Potato you substitute it with an Orchid Flower.

Tomato Toss – If you can play outdoors this game would be played using Red Water Balloons. Before your party make a bunch of Red Water Balloons up for the game.  Then have your party guest choose a partner. Then have them all line up standing across from their partners maybe 3 feet away to start. Then they toss the Balloon (Tomato) to each other and after every toss they each take one step backwards widening the distance. The team that can toss the balloon (Tomatoes) the longest without dropping or exploding them wins and of course also stays dry.

Mushroom Scramble – This game is played just like the Marshmallow Scramble Game, but they have to pretend the Marshmallows are Mushrooms. For direction How to Play see my post HERE.  Or you can simply toss out some of these cute Mushroom Buttons

(They are so cute and sold 200 in a bunch for less than $8 and come in lots of fun colors) in a large playing area and let the kids gather them and take them home as part of their party favor.

Gnome Bowling – To play this you will need to purchase this Gnome Bowling Game which will have everyone laughing. The Gnome Bowling Game includes 6 cute gnome shaped bowling pins and 2 bowling balls that is just fun for all ages !!

There are also a ton of fun Craft Activities you can do at the party as well and these can also double as your Party Favors too !!! Like letting the kids Paint their own Garden Gnome


Maybe let them create one of these Printable Gnome Playhouses – these are so cool and Budget Friendly. You just purchase for $4 and print the 10 page PDF which includes a 3-D mushroom cottage and loo along with 8 characters and garden tools.

You can also Paint Birdhouses. Paint Flower Pots – really anything Garden related would be perfect.

Now onto the Cake & Cupcakes. Ebay is selling Edible Gnomeo and Juliet Birthday Cake Toppers

as well as Edible Gnomeo and Juliet Cupcake Toppers. These are just simple Edible Images which can be personalized and placed on the top of any frosted Cake or Cupcake.

I also found these really cute Edible Sugar Gnomes and Toad Stools that you can place on your Cake or Cupcakes for a different look. They are super cute.

Being I LOVE Cupcakes I created these FREE Printable Gnomeo and Juliet Cupcake Toppers for you. There are 12 different characters from the movie to print. To use simply print them out on Cardstock Paper and cut them out. Then just tape a Toothpick or Craft Stick to the back and place into the top of your Cupcakes. For added fun Frost your Cupcakes with Red or Blue Frosting and add some White Dots on them to look like Mushrooms.

Super Easy !!! Enjoy.

Last but not least lets talk Gnomeo and Juliet Party Favor Ideas. Now obviously if you do any of the Crafts above they would double as your party favor, but if not here are a couple of ideas I like. I am a big fan of useful Party Favors and I love sending the kids home with books. You can find a nice selection of Gnomeo and Juliet Books & Sticker Books

that would be perfect to send home with the kids. Then you can even add in a Gnomeo and Juliet Bookmark, A Gnomeo and Juliet Necklace, some Gnome Cookies which you can make with a Gnome Cookie Cutter and a Drink. That is a perfect Party Favor right? I think so.

Also Note: The Official Gnomeo and Juliet Website has lots of FREE Printables available. You can print a complete Gnomeo and Juliet Activity Pack that includes; Gnomeo and Juliet Coloring Pages, A Maze, Find the Difference Picture and some fun Cut Outs. Stick one of these packs into your Favor Bags or use them during the party – They are FREE and who does not love FREE?


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  1. I just saw Gnomeo and Juliet last weekend! What a fantastic party theme idea you’ve shared, along with more theme ideas for this concept. Love it! Thank you,

  2. Tiera says:

    You forgot to mention that you can get a pack of those multi-colored star-shaped sunglasses (a la Elton John)and they make great party favors too. Oh and don’t forget the music!

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