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Halloween Spider Web Cake with Spider and edible Flies !!

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Here is a Fun EASY Halloween Cake idea the kids will love. This Spider Web Cake with Spider and edible Flies is not only simple to make, but it will look great on the table at your Halloween Party.

This weekend I felt like baking a cake for the kids. I figured while I was doing that I would decorate it with a Halloween Theme. So I went into my baking cabinet to see what goodies I had on hand and decided to go with a Spider Web Cake.

I think it came out really adorable and it was so EASY to do. The kids loved it and the Flies in the Spider Web just added that special touch don’t’ ya think?

Anyone can pull this off and I will share with you what I used and how I made it so you can create one for the kids too.

Here is what I used to create my Spider Web Cake:

  • Cake Mix – I made Red Velvet (that is my son’s favorite) – you can do any flavor.
  • 2 Tubs of Frosting ( I used White to color and Chocolate inside)
  • Wilton’s Orange & Purple Food Coloring Gel
  • Black Cake Decorator Icing in the Tube
  • 1 Chocolate Cupcake
  • Licorice (Spider Legs)
  • Edible Eyes
  • Black Jelly Beans (Flies)
  • White Gum Drop Candy (Fly Wings)

My 2 favorite colors happen to be Purple and Orange and when it comes to Halloween I love putting those 2 colors together. I decided that is what color my cake would be. I said in my ingredients I also used Chocolate Frosting – well I did, but it was not suppose to happen. See when I baked my cake I was already having a bad day and when I went to take them out of the Pan they kinda fell apart. I  knew I needed the White Frosting to color, but now I needed more to glue my cake back together and I only had some Chocolate Frosting on hand. So I used the Chocolate Frosting to glue my Cake back together and give it a crumb coat before I put on my colored frosting. Yes it was a mess, but I made it work. I crumb coated it and stuck it in the fridge to set and was saved from my disaster.

Then I added the Purple Frosting to the sides and did the top in Orange. I love those colors together !!

Then I took my Black Cake Decorator Icing and using a Small Tip I made my Spider Web on the top. So far so EASY right?

You cannot have a Spider Web without a Spider right? The night before I had made a batch of Betty Crocker’s FUN da-Middles Chocolate Cupcakes (which have become a new favorite in my house) and had some left over and thought one would made a great Spider for the cake. So I took one of those and stuck in some Black Licorice Legs and gave it 2 Edible Eyes (I used some icing to stick them on). I also used some of the Black Cake Decorator Icing and gave it a smile too. Then I just stuck my Spider on top of the cake in the web.

Then I thought the cake needed some Flies caught in the Spider Web. Honestly here in the country in Pennsylvania I could have left the cake out and uncovered for like 5 minutes and got some real ones, but ewww I chose not to do that – lol.  So back in my cabinet I went and came up with the idea to use some Black Jelly Beans and cut wings from some White Gum Drop Candy I had on hand. It was perfect – they stuck right on and they looked very cool.

I think the Spider Web Cake came out great and the kids loved it. Not bad for coming up with something on a whim huh?

Now it is your turn to give it a try !!!


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