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Heart Shaped PB&J Sandwiches using Heart Bread Mold

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Heart Shaped SandwichesKids love PB&J Sandwiches, but I bet they will love them even more on Heart Shaped Bread. A fun way to serve up a favorite treat for your Valentine’s Day Party for the little ones.

So a couple weeks ago I was shopping at Salvation Army a monthly routine my Sista Peep and I do on Wednesdays when it is 50% off day.

Treasure Hunting is what I call it and being we have tons of thrift and consignment stores locally we make it a day of hitting most of them. I come home with the best finds on most of our trips and the best part is I spend next to nothing – woo hoo. I love finding cool stuff and usually always do.

Bread Baking Tubes

So on my last treasure hunt I came across this box of Baking Tubes/Bread Molds

. They are Molds that create bread into cool shapes to use for sandwiches, appetizers, cookies and more. I had never seen these before and knew I had to have them because they would come in so handy for parties. Oh and the price for this find $3.99 and in my cart it went. In addition to that even though the box was a tiny bit beat up they were brand new.

I could not wait to try these out and I got my chance pretty quickly when I decided to take part in a Valentine’s Day Table Styling Contest.

The box has 3 tubes – Star Shape, Flower Shape and a Heart Shape. Of course being it was a Valentine’s Day Party I tried out the Heart Shaped one and took pictures step by step to share with all of you as I made my bread for the first time using it.

So are ready to see how cool this gadget is? OK here we go….

For my bread I bought the Rhodes Frozen White Bread. It is in the freezer section in the grocery store and usually comes with 3 loaves.

So I defrosted 1 Loaf in the fridge overnite.

Bread Baking Tubes 2

I took the defrosted loaf and sliced it in half – you only need half at a time.

I then sprayed the inside of my Heart Shaped Bread Tube with cooking spray and dropped in my dough.

Now you have to let it rise. I wrapped my tube with a dish towel wet down with hot water and let it sit for about 2-3 hours.

Bread Baking Tubes 3

Once the dough rises and fills the tube it is time to bake. I stuck it in the oven on a cookie sheet and baked it for about 30 minutes.

As you can see in the photo my first bread busted out of the side. I am not sure why that happened but it could of been that I let it rise too long. I just cut that end off (ate it with some butter) and the rest was perfect and once it cooled I sliced up my heart shaped bread – ❤ it !!

I then made the other half of the loaf and it came out perfect with no explosions. The only difference I did was that I took the dough and rolled it up before putting in vs. plopping it in as I did the first time. Not sure if that was the problem, but it worked and I got a perfect heart shaped loaf.

Heart Shaped Sandwiches 1

Then it was time to turn these cuties into PB&J Sandwiches. I used Strawberry Jam to go with my party colors. YUMMY

Heart Shaped Sandwiches

Sometimes you just have to take an ordinary sandwich and kick it up a notch. Once I was done taking photos of my table display the family gobbled these up. They tasted great with the fresh baked bread and having them in heart shapes makes you LOVE them even more.

If you do not own these Baking Tubes/Bread Molds

I say go buy them – as you saw this shaped bread was so EASY to make and a great way to add some fun to your kids party or even their lunches.

Yes of course you can just take a cookie cutter to a regular slice of bread, but that wastes so much bread and this tastes much better.

Bear Hugs and Kisses Valentines Day Party
Take a look at them in action here: Bear Hug and Kisses Valentine’s Day Party Theme

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