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Heart Shaped Veggies for Valentine’s Day

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Heart Shaped VeggiesMove over Valentine’s Day Candy and Sweets and make room for some Heart Shaped Veggies!!

There is always room at every party even a Valentine’s Day Party for some healthy snacks for the kids. BUT why not make them fit into the theme of Valentine’s Day and make them into heart shapes and have them look that much more enticing to the kids.

Whenever I have a party I always have healthy options available in addition to all the party treats the kids love to eat and look forward too. I am also always surprised to see them gobbled up which makes me happy. Sometimes it is all about how they are served to get them to dig in. These Heart Shaped Veggies are perfect for your Valentine’s Day Party spread or any party theme for that matter.

Yes it may take you a little time to cut them all up into hearts, but in the end that time is well worth it when you see the smiles and amazement on the kids faces right? and to see them eating some vegetables!!!

I chose to use the most popular veggies the kids like – Cucumbers, Grape Tomatoes and Carrots. I also added some Ranch Dip in the middle – who does not love to dip?

Heart Shaped Vegetables

Look how EASY this is.

Just slice up your Veggies and make 3 simple cuts and you got yourself some Hearts. Do you LOVE?

For the Tomatoes you just slice them in half and then cut.

So what do you do with all the scraps? DO NOT toss them!! Put them aside and they make a great topper on a salad or in my case being a Chicken owner, my chickens got a great treat this day.

Heart Shaped Vegetables 1

How cute is that? Vegetable LOVE!!

Bear Hugs and Kisses Valentines Day Party
Take a look at them in action here: Bear Hug and Kisses Valentine’s Day Party Theme

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