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Homemade Toss ‘n Talk Ball – Great Sleepover Party Game

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Looking for a fun and easy Party Game? If so you may want to try creating your own Toss ‘n Talk Ball like I did that is fun for all ages – young and old.

So what is a Toss n’ Talk Ball? Well basically it is just a ball that has fun questions or tasks the kids have to complete written all over it. The ball is then passed around and when they catch it they must answer or act out what is written below their right thumb.

You can buy these pre-made in many different themes and I have written a post a long time ago about them here: Toss ‘n Talk Balls.  Or you can do what I did and create your own !!!

My daughter’s Groovy Tie Dye Birthday Party was a sleepover so I wanted to have some fun things for the girls to do when they were just hanging out at night and I thought this would be perfect. Plus it is a great way for each of them to learn more about each other. Girls love to talk and this just got the talking and giggling started !!

All I did was buy a large 24″ Bouncy Ball from Walmart for $2.50 and used a permanent marker to write on all my questions. Some of my questions were: Favorite Celebrity? Chocolate or Vanilla?, What do you want to be when you grow up? Crushing On? Favorite Movie?, Farthest place you have traveled? First Pet?, Hot Dogs or Hamburgers? etc…

Just lots of fun questions, BUT in addition to the questions I also added on Truth and Dare. So if they landed on one of those they got to choose who would ask them the Truth Question or give them a Dare. It just added to the fun. Of course I also put First Kiss? on the ball and that was very funny when they landed on that – since they are only 11 it was more like ewwww. Thank Goodness !!

The girls really had a lot of fun playing this game and of course I hung out to listen – hey I enjoy a good sleepover party too ya know !!! The answers had me cracking up and I really learned a lot about these girls and they learned a lot about each other – all good of course !!

You can create one of these to go with any Party Theme – think of the possibilities…  Having a Disney Party Theme – Make all the questions about Disney. Having a Smurfs Party – Make all the questions about the Smurfs – you get my drift. These are also great Ice Breakers for Girl/Boy Scouts and even School Classrooms.

These are also fun for adults as well – I think I am going to make one for our next holiday with some very silly questions. I bet they will all love me for that, but hey they expect it from me – lol


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  1. Leigh Ann says:

    I’m doing this for our slumber party! Thank you!

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