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How much should I spend on Birthday Party Favors?

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Poll Time

Poll Time

The Party Animal wants to address a very common Question.

How much should I spend on Birthday Party Favors?

The answer to that question is this? The average amount you should spend on Birthday Party Favors is $1.00 – $5.00 per child.

There is really no need to spend any more than that. Parents have to keep in mind that Birthday Party Favors are just a small “Thank You” for coming to the party and not an expensive gift for each child. I do not know what happened, but parents tend to panic when it comes to this part of the party planning and always over spend and there is no need. With a little creativity it can be done and it can be done without candy and cheap useless toys. The Internet is a great place to get ideas and may I say so is this Blog. I love to be able to help other parents out with fun Budget Friendly Creative Ideas.

First follow my rule ♥”KISS”♥ : Keeping it Simple Saves – less is really more. Also think about what you would want your kids to come home with – do you want them to come from a party with a bag of Candy and Carnival Toys that just get lost? Probably not.

I have a Party Favor section here on my Blog take a look at some of my creative Ideas – they are easy, useful and will save you money. Keep checking back – I am always adding more on.

Of course there are those parents who spend more and I guess that is OK if your budget allows that, but most of ours does not.

The other thing I absolutely love is when your craft activity also becomes the Party Favor. Like with my Stuffable Plush Party Packages – it is two for one. So always keep that in mind as well.

One more Tip when buying Birthday Party Favors: Always look at clearance sales in the stores and buy things that come in multiples when you are able – for Example:  A box of fruit snacks

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4 Responses to “How much should I spend on Birthday Party Favors?”
  1. elizabeth says:

    very helpful site!!!
    I freeked out when I read this and looked at my receipt and discovered that I spent $48.00. Then I divided $48 into 16 children and discovered that I was right at $3.00/child.
    As one of the favors, I am giving children the Ginormous Grow Frog. These were only $1.99 at my local toy shop, but the great thing about these is that they take nearly 2 wks to grow. I got one over a week ago and my kids are still fascinated. I just hope that everyone else enjoys.

  2. Great Job and I would be happy with a Fun Growing Frog and I am sure all the kids will be too.

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