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Inflatable Luau Sandals

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Inflatable Luau Sandals

Now lets have a little Fun with Inflatable Luau Sandals.  How funny are these? They come in both Girl Style and Boy Style. So what can you do with these you are thinking? Well play some games of course and have a good laugh. You can also send the kids home with a pair so they can also become a fun Party Favor.

Game Ideas:

Have a RaceRunning in these inflatable sandals will not be easy and that is the point.  You can have the kids line up 2 at a time or more. Set a spot they have to run to. You can some items there for them like a Hawaiian Lei and a Grass Skirt. They then must put that on and do a Hula Dance and then make there way back. Now that would be very funny.

Make an Obstacle Course – Set up a course the kids have to go through or around wearing these Sandals.

The Sandals are sold by the dozen and make a great Budget Friendly Party Favor to any Summertime Party Theme. Visit our Party Store to order some for your next party and be sure to have your cameras on – The Party Animal’s Party Store

Inflatable Boys Sandals

Inflatable Boys Sandals

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