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iPhone App Cupcakes – Edible Technology at its Best

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Check out these iPhone App Cupcakes I made for my son’s iPhone Birthday Party Theme. Ok I must admit it – I made the Cupcakes and I had the Fondant iPhone Apps custom made for me. How cool are they? You can get some too.

When I decided to do an iPhone Party Theme for my son’s 13th Birthday I wanted to make Cupcakes of course being they are my favs and since I do not work with Fondant as of yet I sought out someone who did. I chose to have Two Sugar Babies create these for me beacuse I absolutely love their Fondant work – it is amazing as you can see.

I contacted Two Sugar Babies and ordered 12 of my son’s favorite iPhone Apps including Angry Birds and Doodle Jump, which are two of his favorite iPhone Games.  I had personally never used Fondant Cupcake Toppers prior to this nor had I ever tasted Fondant so I was very excited about it.

I just baked some simple Vanilla Cupcakes and frosted them with Chocolate Frosting – nothing Fancy. Then I just placed the Fondant iPhone Cupcake Toppers on top of each of them and the looked great.  It was Super Easy, nothin’ to it –  Two Sugar Babies did all the work for me – Love That !! The kids were so excited when they saw them and asked – Can we eat those?

Here is a close up of them before they were on the Cupcakes:

For the date I had them put my Son’s actual Birthday and on the Note Pad I had them write a special message. I think them came out amazing and for the first time I got to try Fondant as did most of the kids at the party. So what did I think about the taste? I actually liked it and had imagined it being very different than what it was. Hard to describe to those who have not tasted it before, but it is not as sweet as one might think it would be. Almost reminded me of a Necco Wafer.

I have to again Thank Two Sugar Babies for making these for me and my son – They were a Big Hit for sure – oh and Yummy Too.

They now have these available in their shop to order and you can do so by clicking on their Banner below (be sure to tell them The Party Animal sent ya !!)

Here are some more shots of the kids enjoying their iPhone Cupcakes:

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