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Justin Bieber Party Balloons

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Ok Justin Bieber Fans check out these Justin Bieber Party Balloons you can add to your Justin Bieber Party Decorations. How cool are these? Each Balloon is imprinted with a picture of Justin Bieber looking as cute as can be. These are 12″ Latex Balloons that are printed on both sides – so no matter what side you are standing on Justin will be looking right at you.

These are in quantities of 6 and you can chose any color Balloon you like.

Here is something fun – If you are good at Photoshop or another type of Photo Program and are able to put yourself into a photo with Justin Bieber then you can choose the Personalized Photo Balloons and have that photo appear on your Balloons – Now that would have the kids at the party going crazy for sure.

So if you are planning a Justin Bieber Party then I think you may just want to order some of these for your event.

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8 Responses to “Justin Bieber Party Balloons”
  1. sandi masori says:

    Those are great! I haven’t seen those before- where can you get them? I know several girls that would love them!! Thanks for sharing! -Sandi

  2. Click on the link in my post – words are in purple and it will bring to where u can purchase them.

  3. allie says:

    where did u get them

  4. They are available on EBay

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